TitleCoordinates of Clear Frost
OccupationKnights of Favonius
WeaponWeapon Polearm
ElementElement Cryo
Day of Birth11
Month of Birth8
Vision (Introduced)Cryo
Constellation (Introduced)Palumbus
Chinese Seuyu邓宥希
Japanese Seuyu三瓶由布子
English SeuyuRobb Moreira
Korean SeuyuYoon Eun-seo
DescriptionA young knight born to an ordinary family. He serves as a Front-Line Surveyor in his Company. He is a low-key and cautious character.
Character Ascension Materials
Shivada Jade Sliver
Shivada Jade Fragment
Shivada Jade Chunk
Shivada Jade Gemstone
Recruit's Insignia
Sergeant's Insignia
Lieutenant's Insignia
Skill Ascension Materials
Teachings of Ballad
Guide to Ballad
Philosophies of Ballad
Mirror of Mushin
Crown of Insight

Table of Content
Skill Ascension
Related Items


LvHPAtkDefCritRate%CritDMG%Bonus HP%MaterialsTotal Materials
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia3
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia3
Shivada Jade Fragment3
Recruit's Insignia15
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Fragment3
Shivada Jade Fragment6
Sergeant's Insignia12
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Fragment9
Sergeant's Insignia12
Shivada Jade Chunk3
Sergeant's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Fragment9
Sergeant's Insignia30
Shivada Jade Chunk3
Shivada Jade Chunk6
Lieutenant's Insignia12
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Fragment9
Sergeant's Insignia30
Shivada Jade Chunk9
Lieutenant's Insignia12
Shivada Jade Gemstone6
Lieutenant's Insignia24
Shivada Jade Sliver1
Recruit's Insignia18
Shivada Jade Fragment9
Sergeant's Insignia30
Shivada Jade Chunk9
Lieutenant's Insignia36
Shivada Jade Gemstone6


Active Skils

Normal Attack: Spear of Favonius - Arrow's PassageNormal Attack: Spear of Favonius - Arrow's Passage
Normal Attack
Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes using his crossbow and spear.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
1-Hit DMG43.26%46.78%50.31%55.34%58.86%62.88%68.42%73.95%79.48%85.52%91.56%97.59%103.63%109.67%115.7%
2-Hit DMG41.5%44.88%48.26%53.08%56.46%60.32%65.63%70.94%76.25%82.04%87.83%93.62%99.41%105.2%110.99%
3-Hit DMG54.5%58.94%63.38%69.71%74.15%79.22%86.19%93.16%100.13%107.74%115.34%122.95%130.55%138.16%145.76%
4-Hit DMG27.61% + 27.61%29.86% + 29.86%32.11% + 32.11%35.32% + 35.32%37.57% + 37.57%40.14% + 40.14%43.67% + 43.67%47.2% + 47.2%50.73% + 50.73%54.59% + 54.59%58.44% + 58.44%62.29% + 62.29%66.15% + 66.15%70% + 70%73.85% + 73.85%
5-Hit DMG70.87%76.64%82.41%90.65%96.42%103.02%112.08%121.15%130.21%140.1%149.99%159.88%169.77%179.66%189.55%
Charged Attack DMG112.75%121.92%131.1%144.21%153.39%163.88%178.3%192.72%207.14%222.87%238.6%254.33%270.07%285.8%301.53%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost252525252525252525252525252525
Plunge DMG63.93%69.14%74.34%81.77%86.98%92.93%101.1%109.28%117.46%126.38%135.3%144.22%153.14%162.06%170.98%
Low/High Plunge DMG127.84% / 159.68%138.24% / 172.67%148.65% / 185.67%163.51% / 204.24%173.92% / 217.23%185.81% / 232.09%202.16% / 252.51%218.51% / 272.93%234.86% / 293.36%252.7% / 315.64%270.54% / 337.92%288.38% / 360.2%306.22% / 382.48%324.05% / 404.76%341.89% / 427.04%
Starfrost SwirlStarfrost Swirl
Mika uses his crossbow to attack, granting all nearby characters in your party Soulwind. When characters in the Soulwind state are on the field, their ATK SPD will be increased.
Will take effect in different ways if Tapped or Held.

Fires a Flowfrost Arrow that can pierce through opponents, dealing Cryo DMG to enemies it comes into contact with.

Goes into Aiming Mode, locking on to an opponent and firing a Rimestar Flare at them, dealing Cryo DMG. When the Rimestar Flare hits, it will rise before exploding, launching Rimestar Shards into a maximum of 3 other opponents, dealing Cryo DMG.

Stars burst 'neath the frosted skies.
Flowfrost Arrow DMG67.2%72.24%77.28%84%89.04%94.08%100.8%107.52%114.24%120.96%127.68%134.4%142.8%151.2%159.6%
Rimestar Flare DMG84%90.3%96.6%105%111.3%117.6%126%134.4%142.8%151.2%159.6%168%178.5%189%199.5%
Rimestar Shard DMG25.2%27.09%28.98%31.5%33.39%35.28%37.8%40.32%42.84%45.36%47.88%50.4%53.55%56.7%59.85%
ATK SPD Bonus13%14%15%16%17%18%19%20%21%22%23%24%25%25%25%
Soulwind Duration12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s
Skyfeather SongSkyfeather Song
Derives the ability to spur his teammates on from the recited prayers of the knightly order, regenerating HP for all nearby party members. This healing is based on Mika's Max HP and will grant them the Eagleplume state.

When the Normal Attacks of active characters affected by Eagleplume hit an opponent, Mika will help them regenerate HP based on his Max HP.
Characters affected by this state can only regenerate HP in this way once per short interval of time.

"Carry hope when in dire straits, and keep vigil when all is well... For that pure white plume shall at last guide the lost wayfarers."
Cast Healing12.17% Max HP + 1172.0413.08% Max HP + 1289.2613.99% Max HP + 1416.2415.21% Max HP + 155316.12% Max HP + 1699.5217.04% Max HP + 1855.8218.25% Max HP + 2021.8819.47% Max HP + 2197.7120.69% Max HP + 2383.3121.9% Max HP + 2578.6723.12% Max HP + 2783.8124.34% Max HP + 2998.7125.86% Max HP + 3223.3827.38% Max HP + 3457.8228.9% Max HP + 3702.03
Eagleplume Healing2.43% Max HP + 233.952.61% Max HP + 257.352.8% Max HP + 282.73.04% Max HP + 3103.22% Max HP + 339.253.4% Max HP + 370.453.65% Max HP + 403.593.89% Max HP + 438.694.13% Max HP + 475.744.38% Max HP + 514.744.62% Max HP + 555.694.86% Max HP + 598.585.17% Max HP + 643.435.47% Max HP + 690.235.78% Max HP + 738.98
Eagleplume Healing Interval2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s2.5s
Eagleplume Duration15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s15s
Energy Cost707070707070707070707070707070

Passive Skills

Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map.
Suppressive BarrageSuppressive Barrage
Per the following circumstances, the Soulwind state caused by Starfrost Swirl will grant characters the Detector effect, increasing their Physical DMG by 10% when they are on the field.
·If the Flowfrost Arrow hits more than one opponent, each additional opponent hit will generate 1 Detector stack.
·When a Rimestar Shard hits an opponent, it will generate 1 Detector stack. Each Rimestar Shard can trigger the effect 1 time.

The Soulwind state can have a maximum of 3 Detector stacks, and if Starfrost Swirl is cast again during this duration, the pre-existing Soulwind state and all its Detector stacks will be cleared.
Topographical MappingTopographical Mapping
When an active character affected by both Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume and Starfrost Swirl's Soulwind at once scores a CRIT Hit with their attacks, Soulwind will grant them 1 stack of Detector from Suppressive Barrage. During a single instance of Soulwind, 1 Detector stack can be gained in this manner.
Additionally, the maximum number of stacks that can be gained through Soulwind alone is increased by 1.
Requires Suppressive Barrage to be unlocked first.


Factor ConfluenceFactor Confluence
The Soulwind state of Starfrost Swirl can decrease the healing interval between instances caused by Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume state. This decrease percentage is equal to the ATK SPD increase provided by Soulwind.
Companion's IngressCompanion's Ingress
When Starfrost Swirl's Flowfrost Arrow first hits an opponent, or its Rimestar Flare hits an opponent, 1 Detector stack from Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" will be generated.
You must have unlocked the Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" first.
Reconnaissance ExperienceReconnaissance Experience
Increases the Level of Skyfeather Song by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Sunfrost EncomiumSunfrost Encomium
When Mika's own Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume state heals party members, this will restore 3 Energy to Mika. This form of Energy restoration can occur 5 times during the Eagleplume state created by 1 use of Skyfeather Song.
Signal ArrowSignal Arrow
Increases the Level of Starfrost Swirl by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Companion's CounselCompanion's Counsel
The maximum number of Detector stacks that Starfrost Swirl's Soulwind can gain is increased by 1. You need to have unlocked the Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" first.
Additionally, active characters affected by Soulwind will deal 60% more Physical CRIT DMG.

Skill Ascension


Party Switch
Opening Chest
Normal Attack
Medium Attack
Heavy Attack
Taking Damage (Low)
Taking Damage (High)
Battle Skill #1
Battle Skill #3
Sprinting Starts
Heavy Breathing (Climbing)
Open World Gliding (Start)
Open World Idle


Audio Language:
Chat: Staying on Target
Chat: Situation Report
Chat: Establishing a Route
When It Rains
When Thunder Strikes
When It Snows
When the Sun Is Out
When the Wind Is Blowing
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Night
About Mika: Work
About Mika: Mundane Tasks
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Us: Rumors
About Us: Speaking in Code
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
About the Vision
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Something to Share
Interesting Things
About Kaeya
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Varka: Instruction
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Varka: The Captain
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
About Jean
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Amber
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Eula: Tasks
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Eula: Daily Conduct
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Lisa
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Klee
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Venti
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Albedo
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More About Mika: I
More About Mika: II
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
More About Mika: III
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More About Mika: IV
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
More About Mika: V
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
Mika's Hobbies
Mika's Troubles
Favorite Food
Least Favorite Food
Receiving a Gift: I
Receiving a Gift: II
Receiving a Gift: III
Feelings About Ascension: Intro
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 1
Feelings About Ascension: Building Up
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 2
Feelings About Ascension: Climax
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 4
Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 6
Elemental Skill: I
Elemental Skill: II
Elemental Skill: III
Elemental Skill: IV
Elemental Skill: V
Elemental Skill: VI
Elemental Burst: I
Elemental Burst: II
Elemental Burst: III
Deploying Wind Glider: I
Opening Treasure Chest: I
Opening Treasure Chest: II
Opening Treasure Chest: III
Low HP: I
Low HP: II
Ally at Low HP: I
Ally at Low HP: II
Fallen: I
Fallen: II
Fallen: III
Light Hit Taken: I
Light Hit Taken: II
Heavy Hit Taken: I
Heavy Hit Taken: II
Joining Party: I
Joining Party: II
Joining Party: III


Character DetailsWhenever he shows up at the Knights of Favonius headquarters, Mika always swiftly finishes any discussions to be had with his fellow knights, then quietly slips away to avoid becoming a hindrance to others' work.
Mika always gets nervous when someone strikes up a conversation with him, frantically scampering away right after politely putting an end to the idle chatter.
The knights know that the young man's name is Mika, and that he is Huffman's younger brother and the second son of the Schmidt family. They also know that he is a member of the Reconnaissance Company, but nothing much beyond that.
Few are aware of what Mika's job entails, nor do they know that the widely-promoted, updated version of their military map is the fruit of his labors.
The new map consists of detailed statistical data regarding almost every corner of Mondstadt with practical markers indicating road conditions, areas with heightened monster activity, high ground that can serve as temporary strongholds, and the distribution of natural resources... The amount of detail could almost make your head spin.
All of this is the result of Mika's own labor throughout the two years he has spent traveling all across Mondstadt and investigating every inch of terrain he set foot on.
Knights who have fought alongside Mika know that he finds using both lance and crossbow at the same time the most convenient, and his unique fighting style has left a lasting impression.
However, they have also been solemnly "warned" by Mika to never speak of him to others unless absolutely necessary.
"Mika's terrified of drawing the attention of others — he'll get nervous if you so much as stare at him, to say nothing of showering him with compliments. He's been a great asset to the Knights and helped us out a lot, so respecting his boundaries is the least we can do as seniors!"
Character Story 1Mika comes from a loving family. His mother works as an author writing about local conditions, his father is a retired Knight of Favonius, and his older brother Huffman is a current member in the Knights' ranks.
When Mika began learning to read, his mother went inspiration-gathering abroad with his father accompanying her. During that time, the responsibility of looking after little Mika landed in Huffman's hands.
However, Huffman had already made the Knights of Favonius his second home — he was preoccupied with work during the day and indulged in drinking with his friends night after night. With his own life lacking organization, how was he expected to take care of his little brother?
So it was little Mika who learned to take care of both himself and his brother whenever he'd return home drunk at night. When other children his age were enjoying their childhood without a care, Mika had already learned to stick to an organized schedule, sometimes even helping Huffman with his everyday chores.
While they were away, Mika's parents always made sure to send a letter back to Mondstadt every week to keep their children from worrying. Mika's mother, being an excellent writer, could somehow describe the scenery she's seen in a mesmerizing way akin to fairytales. Mika loved to read his parents' letters before looking for their exact location and marking out their travel route on a map. Picturing his parents' wonderful adventures was Mika's favorite pastime.
Before long, Mika developed a passion for reading maps, and even committed the terrain of many locations to memory.
Unfortunately, Huffman had to ruin the mood when he broke the bad news to Mika: "I'm afraid your efforts have been wasted on the map Mom and Dad left us. It's very outdated, and it wasn't very accurately drawn in the first place." But that was to be expected. After all, those who with the ability freely explore the wilderness would likely have all become adventurers with nothing but commissions and Mora on their minds. To them, just about any map would do.
On the other hand, most of those who knew how to draw decent maps were not skilled in combat, so it would be much too dangerous for them to survey the wilderness themselves. Not to mention their limited income, which wouldn't allow them to afford bodyguards. Perhaps the time would come when the Knights of Favonius finally had sufficient budget to hire experts to deal with matters like these, but with Mondstadt as peaceful as one could hope for, no one knew for sure when something as trivial as cartography could be put on the schedule. So little Mika thought to himself: If he could reach every corner of the world just like his parents, and record every detail of the terrain beneath his feet... That would be the most fun ever.
From then on, Mika set a clear goal for himself.
"I'll become Mondstadt's expert cartographer."
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 2
Character Story 2When Mika's parents returned to Mondstadt, they were delighted to hear of Mika's new-found goal and promised to do whatever they could to support him.
From that day on, Mika dedicated most of his time to poring over geography books and assiduously honing his drawing skills in the library.
Lisa took a liking to this polite, gifted yet hardworking child and often recommended books to him, guiding him towards the most efficient path.
After some time, Mika gained Lisa's recognition — "With your current skills and abilities, you just might qualify for studying at the Akademiya."
It was then that Mika began looking for opportunities to put his knowledge to the test. As it happens, Ella Musk, whom he had gotten acquainted with while studying at the library, happened to be looking for a guide for a language exchange trip to the secluded wilderness.
And that became Mika's first real expedition. Though they did safely arrive at their destination, due to an error in Ella Musk's word choice, the pair ended up getting beaten by the hilichurls.
Mika concluded that this setback was due to his lack of combat prowess. "I need to learn how to protect myself," he thought, "or I won't be able to guarantee the success of my expeditions to unfamiliar areas."
Thereafter, Mika rode the momentum from his time spent learning in the library and began to learn fighting techniques from his brother. Luckily, Mika had a strong constitution and quickly grasped the basics.
It happened that the Knights of Favonius had just drafted their plan for an expedition set to depart three years later. They were still looking to recruit a few more members to fill some positions, and "Front-Line Surveyor" was among the open spots.
This role had strict prerequisites: those applying for the position should have some level of expertise in cartography, and due to potentially dangerous conditions, they would be leading the team from the front lines, making combat skills a must.
This was Mika's chance, but it all felt too much like a dream...
Mika initially believed that he would be invited into the team as an external consultant, but the position of Front-Line Surveyor would no doubt make him a full-fledged member of the expedition — and one crucial to the entire team. He was daunted by the thought at first, afraid that he wasn't worthy of such an important role that according to him, "only the strongest would qualify for."
His doubts were soon dispelled by his father and brother's encouragement, and he remembers their words to this day:
"You don't have to ask too much of yourself. Doing your best to help will be more than enough."
"Most of the knights are just ordinary people like us, but once we put our strengths together as a team, even the strongest of adventurers would struggle to prove our equal."
Thus, Mika seized the opportunity and signed up for the position.
He felt reassured that he would, at least, be dedicating his time to what he loved.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
Character Story 3Word of Mika signing up for the expedition spread like wildfire throughout the Knights of Favonius.
"Huffman's little brother will be joining us! The little kid who always takes care of that drunkard will be joining the Knights!"
The anxiety from unexpectedly becoming the center of attention made his breaths quicken as his heart pounded — Mika was afraid of failing the Knights' assessment and disgracing his father, ruining his brother's career, or worse, ruining the reputation of his family name.
Considering that many members of the Schmidt family had already joined their ranks, the Knights of Favonius decided to raise the bar for entry and make the whole assessment process public in order to make the selection as fair as possible.
Taking real-life scenarios into consideration, lead examiner Kaeya came up with a series of challenges that strictly assessed the participants' abilities:
Hiking up Dragonspine while wearing full armor and carrying a heavy load;
Mapping out a monster-infested region without the aid of any reference material...
Luckily, Mika came well-prepared and gave it his all, eventually passing the most difficult challenge and becoming one of three successful candidates.
The other two candidates had both received Mika's aid along the way as well — to him, they were more like future teammates than competitors, in any case.
Mika's excellent exhibition of teamwork gained the recognition of Grand Master Varka, who allocated the two other new recruits to the Cavalry Company and Investigation Team, while personally taking Mika in to go with him on his expedition.
Every week, Varka would teach Mika combat techniques and give him assorted "homework" to complete.
Mika would later join the Reconnaissance Company. Communicating with its rather unusual Captain further strengthened his communication skills, which would help him greatly when working with the elite knights of the expedition team.
After joining the Knights, Mika honed his cartography skills while investigating dangerous locations as a Front-Line Surveyor while receiving pointers on how he might improve his other skills from Varka.
The diligent young recruit quickly became a calm and reliable knight — though it seems as though he has yet to realize that himself.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Character Story 4As Mika continuously refined his skills in real-life combat, he became a core member of the Reconnaissance Company in less than two years, completing countless missions alongside his teammates.
The scheduled date drew near, and the expedition team was soon about to depart.
At the send-off party, Grand Master Varka was pleasantly surprised by the shiny new Vision on Mika's right wrist. But after personally inviting Mika to spar, he concluded that Mika's current abilities were "remarkable, but far from enough."
Mika didn't figure out what that meant until the expedition team entered a dangerous restricted area, where he finally saw with his own eyes the monsters Grand Master Varka had used as a reference when judging his powers.
Those unnamable, wandering creatures could become a nightmare for any knight unfortunate enough to stray away from the team.
The speed of their scouts in the vanguard determined how fast the whole expedition team proceeded, so during the days when the team was the busiest, Mika could only rest for half an hour a day.
It was Mika's first time working under such high pressure, and he did so with great difficulty. Not to mention that apart from dangers of the unknown, the expedition team was under the watchful gaze of another party...
One day, when Mika was getting ready to call it a night, he received a warning from another scout that the Knights had encountered enemies.
When Mika hurried on scene, Varka had already drawn up battle lines with his trusty subordinates.
In the depths of the pitch-dark night, Mika could vaguely make out a line of soldiers, silently standing there as if they were lifeless war machines.
And right in the middle of the enemy formation was a dark, distinct silhouette. Even though torches lit the area, Mika could see nothing but their eerily dark blue eyes that seemed to glow with an uncanny aura.
At his teammate's reminder, Mika learned of their identity — the Fatui Harbinger known as "The Captain" and his direct, elite subordinates.
As it turned out, their vanguard had bumped into Fatui scouts and an altercation had ensued, resulting in both sides getting jumpy and continuously requesting reinforcements, eventually alerting their respective commanders.
The scent of gunpowder was thick in the air, the sense of crisis turned Mika's limbs numb and cold.
He couldn't help visualizing the confrontation escalating into an armed conflict, and what he should do if such a thing were to happen...
The Harbinger, in particular — Mika knew that he would be utterly helpless to parry a single half-hearted swipe from this person.
His jumbled thoughts and exhaustion made it difficult to breathe or focus.
Varka, however, seemed completely unfazed. He greeted the Harbinger from afar and walked towards him with his weapon in hand. The Captain, too, signaled his men to stand by as he began slowly stepping forward.
As the tension between the two parties reached its peak, Varka and The Captain briefly conversed and seemed to reach an agreement.
The dark silhouette raised his arm, and the ghostly shadows of the Fatui soldiers silently turned and departed with him.
The Knights all heaved a sigh of relief, and some were even trembling with fear. But when Varka returned to the Knights' formation, he looked as relaxed as ever.
"Well, that was a surprise! If it weren't for our unique circumstances, I would've loved to invite him for a duel!"
"And it's not like he's a stubborn fellow. He's well aware that engaging in battle in a strange and foreign land would've been disadvantageous for both of us."
It was only then that Mika realized they had been on the precipice of war, and conflict had been avoided only because the Grand Master had been there to prevent it.
The Captain's overpowering presence and the calmness with which Grand Master Varka handled the crisis both left a profound impression in Mika's mind.
Mika reflected on this experience for a long time and concluded that although he had been improving in strength, he still had a long way to go when it came to dealing with situations like that.
There was more to be done than just doing his best to help the team. He had to work harder to become a reliable Knight who could handle all manner of incidents...
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
Character Story 5Fortunately, Mika would not run into anything exceedingly dangerous during the expedition and smoothly made it past that most difficult period.
During Mondstadt's Weinlesefest, Mika returned to Mondstadt with Grand Master Varka's letter and resumed his post in the Reconnaissance Company.
The members of the Reconnaissance Company were both excited at his return and surprised at the astonishing progress he had made — for he could now easily complete tasks that usually required three forward scouts.
And considering that the Grand Master's letter had vaguely mentioned the Fatui, and that Mika had been a key member on the expedition under Varka's direct command... His teammates quickly connected the dots and a strange chain of logic emerged:
"Mika fought against the Fatui! Mika might've fought against Fatui elites! Mika must've fought alongside the Grand Master and won a battle against a Fatui Harbinger!"
"How else could he have become this strong all of a sudden? Mika's our hero! He can now do anything for us!"
Truth be told, Mika had simply accrued a great deal of experience — the other Knights who had gone had also made progress to varying extents. They simply had yet to return, and thus no valid comparison could be made.
Mika didn't know how to deal with all the absurd rumors, and so he consulted Jean and Kaeya for advice.
Jean informed the leader of each company to remain rational and refrain from spreading rumors based purely on speculation. Besides, many matters regarding the expedition were considered highly confidential and should be treated with discretion.
Kaeya, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy joking about the rumors. Members of the Knights of Favonius all more or less held some sort of dislike for the Fatui, and a rumor that says "Mika gave the Fatui a good beating" could very well boost morale.
Whatever the case, Mika felt greatly reassured now that the Acting Grand Master had been made aware of the situation and was comforted to know that he hadn't caused any trouble for anyone.
He reported to duty as usual and made sure he did all he could to help others.
But the exaggerated rumors couldn't be un-spread, and Mika has found that gaining too much trust comes with its own fair share of difficulties...
Recently, more Knights have been coming up to him to borrow a new map, ask for help maintaining a weapon, or request a share of the Reconnaissance Company's field rations.
All of them seem to hope that some of his powers might rub off on them so that they can become stronger quickly, just like him.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
Multipurpose Front-Line Surveying DeviceAn intricate book-shaped device Mika carries with him wherever he goes.
It was developed by Mika and technicians from the Investigation Team, and its key components were made using Albedo's latest alchemical creations.
A notebook is embedded in the device's interior that can be used to record information. Designed to facilitate the quick production and use of maps, each of its pages can be conveniently removed and replaced.
An elaborate pattern is carved on to the back panel of the device. Channeling elemental power into the carving will activate the prism-shaped component outside said panel, which will in turn fire a "wavebeam" towards a fan-shaped target region.
The distance between the device and the target region can then be accurately calculated using the time taken for the beam to bounce back. By increasing both the frequency and amplitude of the beam, the device will generate a sketch of a small area of terrain.
This function can greatly improve the accuracy of a map, but regrettably, everything else — including the statistical information and calculations regarding the terrain in question — has to be computed in the user's mind.
Only those with excellent spatial reasoning skills and an extensive knowledge of the target terrain are capable of making full use of this function.
Thus, Mika became the only Front-Line Surveyor who could use the device without difficulty, and its overall usage rate is not very high.
There had been other improved devices originally planned for distribution to other teams, but they have been put into storage, to be used as spare parts for Mika's device.
The device is Mika's trustiest helper in his work and a symbol of honor for being the best surveyor, but Mika has never once mentioned its impressive features to others.
To Mika, that feels too much like bragging, not to mention that it could potentially give Albedo extra work... Troubling others is the last thing Mika ever wants, after all.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
VisionMika was once in a life-or-death situation.
This was not long after he joined the Reconnaissance Company — the information on a certain area was no longer valid, and Mika had taken up the task to update the details of its terrain on his own.
He slowly crept into the ruins, only to accidentally knock off a piece of stone from the broken wall, alerting two Abyss Mages lurking in the dark.
As the flames intertwined, a rush of elemental power instantly engulfed him as if it was about to crush him into pieces and turn him into the monsters' next meal.
Pain and panic flooded his senses, and only one thought remained in his consciousness — he needed to escape and warn others.
"These monsters... They'd be a threat to even the most experienced members in the company...!"
It was the responsibility of a front-line land surveyor to keep their teammates from dangerous situations like this.
The Abyss Mages shrieked in glee and were about to command other monsters to come out of hiding when a spinning spear tore the curtain of flames apart. An icy mist burst across the ruins, clearing the unbearable heat in an instant.
When the Abyss Mages finally made sense of the situation, Mika had already fled far away, though still apologizing loudly enough for the monsters to hear:
"I'm sorry! I'll remember to knock before entering next time. That way, my seniors can fight you fair and square!"
"Next time" soon came — the Reconnaissance Company's main force were notified of the monsters and swiftly but cautiously eliminated the threat.
They were surprised to find that both of the Abyss Mages' shields had already become quite badly battered, and gazing upon the radiant glow from the Vision on Mika's right wrist, they seemed to realize something...
That day, the Reconnaissance Company's dinner was especially sumptuous. Everyone raised their glass to celebrate, while Mika himself seemed to be in shock, unable to wrap his head around what was happening.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6

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  1. Mika is very viable for the Song of Days Past Set. he doesn’t heal enough to use Ocean Hued Clam with max potential since he only heals once per 2.5 seconds, but he can heal 7.5k per tick so within 5 seconds, he achieves max stacks for Yearning effect. combine that added dmg with Furina’s dmg bonus and dmg increase to Yoimiya and you can go brrrr with added dmg. you want to heal at the beginning of the rotation first.

    I would do Furina EQ, Mika EQ, Xingqiu EQE. and then follow into Yoimiya E. so essentially, you want to heal early in rotations to prep the Waves effect for when Yoimiya comes out. but not earlier than Furina’s Q and her Salon so they can drain HP and allow the Fanfare to be generated.

    yoimiya should be able to use 10 quills this way. Yearning ends and Waves takes effect when Yoi goes onto the field. 6s passes while Yoi has 4s left of infusion, but can consume 5 stacks of the next set of Waves instances in 4 seconds.

    Furina, XQ/Yelan, and Yoimiya will be the triggers of thrse instances. would prefer if Yoimiya gets the instances. may need to use a shielder instead but Yoimiya ends up not vaping but if Furina gets vapes off, they would be big numbers.

    still, Mika is a colorfully orchestrated sidekick with Furina as. song of Days Past wielder. His granting additional damage may not be as strong as Noblesse, but with Furina, it actually makes up for the difference since it will also apply to her and she has some great dmg amplifiers in kit, her passive and the dmg bonus all work out.

  2. Now that Furina is arriving, Mika is one of the healers that can get your team to the max Fanfare stacks. So Furina’s skill drain 50% HP from each member of the party, so that’s 200 stacks already, and Mika can easily heal your party with his burst. Mine at level 80 Burst talent 11 on an ER/HP/Crit Rate and Fav Lance build can heal 8.6K for his burst. That’s a 160% HP total from the team (Freminet, Mika, Fischl and Yelan as test). Then you still heal the on fielder a bit more.

  3. running wanderer/layla/faruzan/mika.

    The atk spd up off mika for wanderer is awesome!!! layla’s shield and then the stars for swirling!!!

  4. Got him at c0 and stopped. My worry came true 🙁 His E is indeed dependent to how many enemies around. Not really effective against bosses. At C0, the max amount you can get against one enemy is 1 stack (A4 passive).

    *sigh* at least the atk speed buff is noticeable. No need to worry about hit lag with SoBP Eula because it’s super fun to see her breaking the speed law with her NAs.
    And his healing is pretty strong too.

    Overall not a bad unit, but not really dedicated to Eula because of his clunky rotation with Eula’s Q (maybe only at C2+). I will wait to pull him again on a better banner.

  5. ok, he is ‘bad’, but even at c0 he is better than zhong, which a lot of people actually use instead of benny, and u dont have to play circle impact with him, and his “tight rotation” thingy was greatly exaggerated, just do his burst first then skill, and then rosaria/shenhe skill and burst, then go ham with eula. also, give noblesse to rosaria/shenhe and he can hold ocean hued clam since the damage on that is affected by phys res, might not be the best at usinng it but is som extra dmg, and dont give him fav, hes not that good at proccing it and it’s less er than sands, just go all on er subs and hp% mainstats for healing and more dmg on the ohc bubble, ofc with a healing bonus circlet. er sands might be needed if bad subs but he can work just fine with black tassel

    • My condolence. All know about it. He like Sarah, farusan and gorou, all this additional device for main damage dealer is rubbish without c6. He should be on Eula’s banner

  6. Calling him garbage as a phys support is an insult to garbage because the garbage has served it’s purpose.
    Kudos to Mihoyo for cultivating a cult where the 90% of the community worship garbage kits cause they only spend time killing mobs at overworld smh.

  7. Eula support who (at C6!) is much worse than Bennett and sidegrade to Rosaria.
    Yet again Mihoyo wants you to waste your money on 5* constellations and weapons, by releasing 4* horrible at C0 and mediocre at C6. Don’t fall for the gacha scam.


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