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Elemental BurstUse an Elemental Burst! Note: Using an Elemental Burst consumes all of that character's Energy.1.3
Obtaining EnergyAbsorb Elemental Orbs and Elemental Particles to replenish energy. Dealing Elemental DMG, defeating opponents, or performing other actions might also generate Elemental Orbs.1.3
An Unstoppable Force!Some attacks are better than others at breaking sturdy objects. Claymores and Overloaded explosions are both good examples.1.3
ShieldsElemental shields absorb damage for a character. But sustain too much damage and the shield will fail.1.3
Attacking Weak Spots (I)Aimed Shots are great for making precision attacks on opponents' weak spots. Tip: For most humanoids, aim for the head...1.3
Attacking Weak Spots (II)Hitting an opponent's weak spot can temporarily paralyze or destabilize them. Try to learn the weak spots of each opponent and use them to your advantage!1.3
Placing Elemental SkillsSome Elemental Skills produce different effects depending on whether you press or hold them.1.3
Wind CurrentsUpcurrents can send you soaring up high in an instant! Just jump in, open your wind glider, and enjoy the ride...1.3
HP Too LowHP is really quite important! Chowing down on some lovingly made Dishes and visiting Statues of The Seven are surefire ways of restoring characters' HP.1.3
Anemogranum...Anemograna are curious spirits bursting with wind magic that follow you around. They reduce Stamina consumption. Use Anemo skills on them to create a wind current.1.3
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