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Ritou, Narukami Island
Ritou, Narukami IslandLegend has it that hundreds of years ago, Lord Hiiragi Hiroshi of the Kanjou Commission miraculously built a prosperous trade center from a deserted island, and greatly impressed the Shogun. In the days when the Sakoku Decree was in force, the headquarters of the Kanjou Commission still flourished. However, the merchants from faraway nations languished, and the streets were no longer the bustling appearance of a century ago. Perhaps this is the best reflection of the business of mortals: those who become successful overnight will also lose everything in a day.
The Sacred Forest in the Moonlight
The Sacred Forest in the MoonlightLegend has it that in the past, this sacred forest was once home to many demons. To this day, the legend of the "tanuki-bayashi" still surrounds this tranquil woodland.
Tenryou, Inazuma City
Tenryou, Inazuma CityThe many streets and lanes of Tenryou intersect and cross paths, and finally gather in front of the Tenshukaku - the undisputed center of power in Inazuma. Under the eternal and silent gaze of Her Highness, the Ogosho Shogun, the people living in the hustle and bustle of the city will finally be free from the worries of obsession, and move to a paradise where they no longer need to chase and compete for their aspirations — but what is the view of the eternal paradise that the Shogun sees?
Suburbs, Inazuma City
Suburbs, Inazuma CityThe outskirts of Inazuma City exude a time-worn and leisurely atmosphere as you make your way up the old paths. It seems that the prosperity of the city has not influenced the scenery here. The power and grace of the Shogun can also be observed here, bringing a quiet and different kind of vitality.
Grand Narukami Shrine, Mt. Yougou
Grand Narukami Shrine, Mt. YougouThe Grand Narukami Shrine is located at the peak of Mt. Yougou and is the largest shrine in Inazuma, guarding the Sacred Sakura. It provides much-needed comfort and peace to the people of Inazuma in these unsettling times.
Tatara Islands' Vantage Point
Tatara Islands' Vantage PointThis ring of islands surrounded by jagged, rocky the perfect topographic barrier to the Shogunate's smelting facilities. The magnificent giant Blast Furnace here is used to produce a steady stream of high-quality Jade Steel for Inazuma. Recently, however, due to the war, the Mikage Furnace that drove the production has been damaged.
Front Line, Kannazuka
Front Line, KannazukaLegend has it that during a disaster hundreds of years ago, Kujou Shigeyori, a mortal general whom Her Highness valued greatly, built a battlefront fortress in just one night and fought valiantly against the forces of darkness, flying the banner of the Electro Mitsudomoe high. Hundreds of years later, the descendants of the Kujou family have also inherited outstanding military engineering skills.
Overlooking Serpent Head
Overlooking Serpent HeadAccording to legend, the giant serpent that once ventured into the deep sea was finally slain on Yashiori Island. It is also said that when the sea breeze passes through the eyes and sharp fangs of the giant snake, sounds of a whistle will ring in the wind. That is the requiem it composed for itself. Now, this requiem also provides repose for those who have fallen or were displaced in the war.
Tidal Flat Amidst the Flames of War
Tidal Flat Amidst the Flames of WarIn the ancient language of the Inazuma ancestors, "Nazuchi" means "to be tenderly caressed by the hands of the gods." Ironically, Nazuchi Beach has been ravaged by war since a thousand years ago and has become a place for scavengers and pirates, with few inhabitants.
Rift Valley, Yashiori Island
Rift Valley, Yashiori IslandAccording to legend, the blow that brought an end to the serpent god was struck right here. Even to this day, the remnant reverberations of lightning continue to ring across this deep canyon in Yashiori Island, as if the spirits of thunder still chatter about the legendary scene that tore through the sky and the earth thousands of years ago...
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