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Fontaine Reputation
Fontaine ReputationNameFontaine Reputation
Fontaine Reputation EXP
Fontaine Reputation EXP
Wings of Merciful, Wrathful Waters1
Wings of Merciful, Wrathful Waters
Description"To respond to the needs of every citizen, to maintain precise and effective security for the public" has long been the goal that the staff of the Palais Mermonia strive for. They seek to optimize the use of manpower within Fontaine and effectively direct them toward assigned tasks to fulfill this goal. As such, the Palais Mermonia has adopted an official dispatch mechanism in concert with the Maison Gardiennage, creating a new system that allows them to call upon the ambitious to resolve various issues with the greatest possible efficiency.
The Steambird, being Fontaine's most famous information diffusion center, naturally took on the responsibility for this task. Euphrasie collates the commissions put forward by the public and the Maison Gardiennage and provides the necessary details to individuals possessing the zeal to resolve these matters in the form of missives. After the task is completed, she also delivers the rewards which have been entrusted to her care to said individuals, and then reports their deeds and accomplishments in The Steambird, thus allowing commission-bearers to earn the approval of Fontainians at large...

Reputation: Palais Mermonia
Through Euphrasie, you can access the latest Bounties and Requests, and you can also collect Reputation EXP for World Exploration and Fontaine Quests.
In addition, you can also check your Reputation EXP and Level and obtain the rewards related to increasing your Reputation Level.

Reputation: Levels and Rewards
When your Reputation Level goes up, you can obtain the corresponding rewards.
Once your Reputation has hit the maximum level, you can no longer accumulate Reputation EXP.

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