Liyue Viewpoints

Vigilant Guardians' Vantage Point
Vigilant Guardians' Vantage PointThe inn that stands at the southern end of Dihua Marsh seems to serve as something other than a resting place for guests. They say that Wangshu Inn is a haven for lovers' moonlit rendezvous. Folk stories also have it that even ones as august as the adepti sometimes bask in the moonlight here.
A Home in the Hills
A Home in the HillsMighty Mt. Qingce gently cradles this peaceful village, silently protecting the old, the young, and the abundant croplands within its embrace. The legend of the ancient threat subdued beneath the mountain has been consigned to legend along with those who know of it, never again to return.
Marsh of Rustling Reeds
Marsh of Rustling ReedsThis is where the sifting of the wavy silvergrass and the croaking of frogs join in song, and it is also the final resting place of many a martial nomad.
Where Mountains Peak Beyond the Clouds
Where Mountains Peak Beyond the CloudsThey say that the adepti dwell somewhere within these countless towering, cloud-ringed peaks. Few mortals may set foot here.
Mist-Veiled Stone Forest
Mist-Veiled Stone ForestThese stone spires poke out of the clouds like great pavilions. Though this place is forbidden to mortal steps, such a beauteous sight is bound to attract the eyes of those who yearn for the sky, and for those who dwell in adepti realms.
Moonlit Tree
Moonlit TreeA strange tree whose branches flow with clear, cold moonlight. Perhaps its roots, which reach deep into the heart of the earth, are connected to something that awaits an opportunity to once again emerge and bask in the moon's light.
Ruins of Guili
Ruins of GuiliOnce, this was a thriving city where a certain flower bloomed in abundance. But all dreams must turn to waking. This earthly paradise was consumed by war, and those who gathered here were once again scattered.
Weeping Garden
Weeping GardenLegend has it that a deep, pure affection filled this ancient garden, creating the Luhua Pool as it is known today.
Nine Pillars of Peace
Nine Pillars of PeaceNine shackles of stone were said to have been laid down deep in the valleys of Cuijue Slope to drive off evil and cleanse the world.
Qingxu's Forsaken Tower
Qingxu's Forsaken TowerA ruined tower amid a verdant field. It still stands, defending a bygone age long returned to dust.
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