Mondstadt Reputation

Mondstadt Reputation
Mondstadt ReputationNameMondstadt Reputation
Mondstadt Reputation EXP
Mondstadt Reputation EXP
Wings of Azure Wind1
Wings of Azure Wind
DescriptionDue to certain circumstances, the Knights of Favonius are presently short-handed.
Whether it be hunting monsters, or completing the endless stream of requests from the citizenry... The tasks that still need doing have long begun to pile up.
At the same time, their manpower shortage has led to a surplus of supplies.
If you listen to and complete the requests of the citizens of Mondstadt, and defeat the monsters that endanger them, you may earn the gratitude of Hertha, Captain of the Knights' 6th Company, and the trust of Mondstadt's people...

Reputation: The Knights of Favonius
Through Hertha, you can access the latest Bounties and Requests, and you can also collect Reputation EXP for World Exploration and Mondstadt Quests.
In addition, you can also check your Reputation EXP and Level and obtain the rewards related to increasing your Reputation Level.

Reputation: Levels and Rewards
When your Reputation Level goes up, you can obtain the corresponding rewards.
Once your Reputation has hit the maximum level, you can no longer accumulate Reputation EXP.

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