Sumeru Reputation

Sumeru Reputation
Sumeru ReputationNameSumeru Reputation
Sumeru Reputation EXP
Sumeru Reputation EXP
Wings of the Forest1
Wings of the Forest
DescriptionTo administer the realm in the care of the Dendro Archon, some Akademiya researchers are constantly concerned with the safety of Sumeru's citizenry and the commissions they post.
Effendi has been posted to the Citadel of Regzar to serve as a Liaison Officer who promotes good relations between the people, the Akademiya, and the Corps of Thirty. To this end, he searches for the best person for every job to ensure that the work will be completed as soon as possible.
Every once in a while, the Corps of Thirty will be otherwise occupied. Helping Effendi in a timely fashion and completing bounties and resident commissions can earn you rewards from the Akademiya and the acknowledgment of Sumeru's people...

Reputation: Akademiya
Through Effendi, you can access the latest Bounties and Requests, and you can also collect Reputation EXP for World Exploration and Sumeru Quests.
In addition, you can also check your Reputation EXP and Level and obtain the rewards related to increasing your Reputation Level.

Reputation: Levels and Rewards
When your Reputation Level goes up, you can obtain the corresponding rewards.
Once your Reputation has hit the maximum level, you can no longer accumulate Reputation EXP.

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