Mondstadt Viewpoints

The Marsh of Celestial Guardians
The Marsh of Celestial GuardiansA poem says that a star once fell to the earth, forming this lake. But other tales say that even the stars would descend to apprehend this sight, which shines as brightly as the Anemo Archon's eyes.
The City of Wind
The City of WindThe wind will carry Dandelion Seeds, songs, and stories far afield, and it also guides gentle Travelers to its realm. Welcome to Mondstadt.
Knights of Favonius - Library
Knights of Favonius - LibraryThe library with the most books in all the northern lands. Other than those collected in the restricted section, all the books here are open for public reading.
Favonius Cathedral
Favonius CathedralA holy place managed by the devoted adherents of the Anemo Archon.
It was once a palatial estate from which the aristocracy flaunted their authority.
Windswept Wilderness
Windswept WildernessThis plain bathes in an everlasting breeze. An ancient, monumental tree left behind by an ancient heroine speaks softly amidst the winds.
Forgotten Sword Cemetery
Forgotten Sword CemeteryHundreds of years have passed, and the world is once again at peace. This forest of blades stands as testament to the song of clashing swords, the battle-hymns of warriors, the thundering footfalls of monsters, and the crimson sky, as red as blood.
Land of Clear Springs
Land of Clear SpringsA peaceful and idyllic suburban town. It has a long history of hunting, of sweet spring water, and of passing down the legend of a beneficent spirit dwelling within the waters.
Manor of Daybreak
Manor of DaybreakFilled with the fragrance of grapes and wine, this is the estate of one of Mondstadt's distinguished houses. It has conquered drinkers the city over with its unmatched wines, and is in some ways the holy land to which all who love the bottle must make pilgrimage.
Ancient Thousand Winds Temple
Ancient Thousand Winds TempleThe ruins of an ancient amphitheater. A thousand melodious winds gather here, bringing with them countless tales, and carrying those tales far and wide.
Abandoned Capital of Howling Winds
Abandoned Capital of Howling WindsThe one who once dwelt in that lonely tower is no more. The murmuring winds that shroud the desolate city tell of that most ancient of stories, which no mortal now remembers: they tell of their erstwhile master, the nameless wind sprite, and the chorus that caused the tower to quail...
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