Inazuma Reputation

Inazuma Reputation
Inazuma ReputationNameInazuma Reputation
Inazuma Reputation EXP
Inazuma Reputation EXP
Wings of the Stormstrider1
Wings of the Stormstrider
DescriptionOwing to the nature of its duties, the Yashiro Commission is uniquely in touch with the joys and woes of the common folk, and thanks to the temperament of the lady of the house, the Yashiro Commission is always willing to help people with whatever is troubling them.
Be it monsters, bandits, or citizens' requests, the Yashiro Commission will always lend a helping hand.
However, for Madarame, who has been tasked with organizing this facet of their work, it is far too great a task for one person to take on alone.
Perhaps by listening to the wishes of Inazuma's people, completing their commissions, and eliminating the monsters that threaten the land, you will earn their gratitude and the trust of the Yashiro Commission...

Reputation: Yashiro Commission
Through Madarame Hyakubei, you can access the latest Bounties and Requests, and you can also collect Reputation EXP for World Exploration and Inazuma Quests.
In addition, you can also check your Reputation EXP and Level and obtain the rewards related to increasing your Reputation Level.

Reputation: Levels and Rewards
When your Reputation Level goes up, you can obtain the corresponding rewards.
Once your Reputation has hit the maximum level, you can no longer accumulate Reputation EXP.

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