Liyue Reputation

Liyue Reputation
Liyue ReputationNameLiyue Reputation
Liyue Reputation EXP
Liyue Reputation EXP
Wings of Golden Flight1
Wings of Golden Flight
Description"Where merchants flock, and all ships dock, and to all four corners flows our stock."
Liyue prides itself on its intricate landscape and prosperous people.
But it is that very intricacy of terrain that allows many monsters to hide from the Millelith, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs also lacks the time to listen to all the peoples' requests.
If you can complete the requests from Liyue's people and destroy these dangerous monsters, you may yet earn the favor of Ms. Yu from the Ministry, and the trust of Liyue.

Reputation: The Liyue Ministry of Civil Affairs
Through Ms. Yu, you can access the latest Bounties and Requests, and you can also collect Reputation EXP for World Exploration and Liyue Quests.
In addition, you can also check your Reputation EXP and Level and obtain the rewards related to increasing your Reputation Level.

Reputation: Levels and Rewards
When your Reputation Level goes up, you can obtain the corresponding rewards.
Once your Reputation has hit the maximum level, you can no longer accumulate Reputation EXP.

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