Sumeru Viewpoints

The City Where All Wisdom Resides
The City Where All Wisdom ResidesThe root of all wisdom on earth. Under the luxuriant Divine Tree, the sages of the academy city have accumulated all the knowledge there is to be gathered. Welcome to Sumeru, O Traveler seeking answers.
The City Above the Forest
The City Above the Forest"The city of wisdom is ours, as is the forest of ignorance. Atop the tree lies the remnants of the kingdom of lost dreams."
The Village by the River
The Village by the RiverThere is nothing to Vimara Village apart from a tranquil life. Come, exhausted traveler, rest here awhile.
The Harbor Betwixt the Two Trees
The Harbor Betwixt the Two Trees"Bah! The lectures of the sages are beyond boring. Why don't we get ourselves some fine wine garnished with floral honey and set out on a journey across the seven seas?"
Memory of Alcazarzaray
Memory of AlcazarzarayA purple garden lies before the palace in the depths of the woods. The flowers dance and the warblers sing — a more fitting scene for a lovely encounter one could not find.
The Garden of Deep Thought
The Garden of Deep ThoughtCountless flowers lie within the garden, each more lovely than the most beautiful crystalfly. This is the paradise of people of goodwill.
The Frontier Beneath the High Wall
The Frontier Beneath the High WallThe mighty wall defends against the searing sandstorms but has also blocked the spread of wisdom's blessing. Is divine wisdom not meant to shine on all people?
The Colossus Watching Devantaka
The Colossus Watching Devantaka"Behold. Thousands of years of ancient Khaenri'ah history lie before us!"
VarunastraThe Varuna Contraption shows forth its power, bringing forth the water of life and turning Valuka into Vana, turning the barren lands into a land full of life.
The Rain's End
The Rain's End"There is no rain here, and yet it is the birthplace of rain. The purification of Vana rains begins — and ends — here."
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