Linling’s Anthology of Selected Poetry

Linling's Anthology of Selected Poetry
Linling's Anthology of Selected PoetryNameLinling's Anthology of Selected Poetry
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyNon-Codex Series, Non-Codex Lore Item
DescriptionA collection of poetry that Linling published at her own expense. It is her first publication, and she is very proud of it.

Table of Content
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Item Story

Cats are good, cats are great. Cats love to meow and scratch their heads.
From the two bright eyes they use to see, hateful pests can never flee!

Manager Xiao
The shipyard overseer goes for a doze, his sleep so deep with a great big snore.
From far, you'd think the Geo Lord had stomach woes, but up close he sounds like a large wild boar.

As I feast my eyes upon the sea, to azure water my heart is drawn.
The oars of yon ships appear unto me like the many limbs of a gigantic prawn.

Ocean-gazing Yet Again
Day after day, I gaze and I gaze till my eyes are weary and my heart is numb.
Year upon year, I write and recite, but I am to my poems an audience of one.
Time after time, ships will set sail like brave little river fish bound for the sea.
Sooner or later, the tides they will turn and drown out the ones who dismiss poetry.

The Streets by Night
A delightful sight is the star-like light from the lamps on the street with the myriad eats.
But alas, no respite from that poor little tyke named Changchang, whose weeping is hardly discreet.

Mt. Tianheng
Tianheng is big, Tianheng is tall, Tianheng is huge like a great city wall.
Too strong for monsters, bandits, and all. What a great big huge tall strong city wall!

Spring by the Harbor
These silken flora that blossom in spring, their flowers seem woven of some thread within...
It feels like it's silk, but it has a faint smell — could it be both silk and a flower as well?

An Ode to Chop Suey
My Zhongyuan Chop Suey is going to waste, there's far more salt in here than I care to taste.
Just one mouthful in and I'm gasping for breath. "Why is this so salty?" I gently protest.
"That's just how we make it," declares Su Er'niang, "For the few that can't take it, there's plenty who can!"

Obtained From


So-Called Work
So-Called WorkAfter having made one mistake too many at work, Linling is in danger of losing her job...
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