TitleExecutor of Justice
OccupationSpecial Security and Surveillance Patrol
WeaponWeapon Polearm
ElementElement Pyro
Day of Birth10
Month of Birth1
Vision (Introduced)Pyro
Constellation (Introduced)Sclopetum Ensiferum
Chinese Seuyu潘丹妮
Japanese Seuyu下地紫野
English SeuyuErica Lindbeck
Korean SeuyuChae Min-ji
DescriptionThe captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol, who wears justice as an ever-present seal upon her heart. Her musket shall only ever point at the guilty.
Character Ascension Materials
Agnidus Agate Sliver
Agnidus Agate Fragment
Agnidus Agate Chunk
Agnidus Agate Gemstone
Fontemer Unihorn
Lumidouce Bell
Meshing Gear
Mechanical Spur Gear
Artificed Dynamic Gear
Skill Ascension Materials
Teachings of Order
Guide to Order
Philosophies of Order
Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom
Crown of Insight

Table of Content
Skill Ascension
Related Items


LvHPAtkDefCritRate%CritDMG%Bonus HP%MaterialsTotal Materials
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell3
Meshing Gear3
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell3
Meshing Gear3
Agnidus Agate Fragment3
Fontemer Unihorn2
Lumidouce Bell10
Meshing Gear15
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell13
Meshing Gear18
Agnidus Agate Fragment3
Fontemer Unihorn2
Agnidus Agate Fragment6
Fontemer Unihorn4
Lumidouce Bell20
Mechanical Spur Gear12
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell33
Meshing Gear18
Agnidus Agate Fragment9
Fontemer Unihorn6
Mechanical Spur Gear12
Agnidus Agate Chunk3
Fontemer Unihorn8
Lumidouce Bell30
Mechanical Spur Gear18
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell63
Meshing Gear18
Agnidus Agate Fragment9
Fontemer Unihorn14
Mechanical Spur Gear30
Agnidus Agate Chunk3
Agnidus Agate Chunk6
Fontemer Unihorn12
Lumidouce Bell45
Artificed Dynamic Gear12
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell108
Meshing Gear18
Agnidus Agate Fragment9
Fontemer Unihorn26
Mechanical Spur Gear30
Agnidus Agate Chunk9
Artificed Dynamic Gear12
Agnidus Agate Gemstone6
Fontemer Unihorn20
Lumidouce Bell60
Artificed Dynamic Gear24
Agnidus Agate Sliver1
Lumidouce Bell168
Meshing Gear18
Agnidus Agate Fragment9
Fontemer Unihorn46
Mechanical Spur Gear30
Agnidus Agate Chunk9
Artificed Dynamic Gear36
Agnidus Agate Gemstone6


Active Skils

Normal Attack: Line Bayonet Thrust EXNormal Attack: Line Bayonet Thrust EX
Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 consecutive spear strikes.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
1-Hit DMG53.13%57.45%61.78%67.96%72.28%77.22%84.02%90.82%97.61%105.02%112.44%119.85%127.26%134.68%142.09%
2-Hit DMG49.31%53.32%57.34%63.07%67.09%71.67%77.98%84.29%90.59%97.47%104.36%111.24%118.12%125%131.88%
3-Hit DMG27.64% + 32.45%29.9% + 35.09%32.15% + 37.74%35.36% + 41.51%37.61% + 44.15%40.18% + 47.17%43.72% + 51.32%47.25% + 55.47%50.79% + 59.62%54.65% + 64.15%58.5% + 68.68%62.36% + 73.21%66.22% + 77.74%70.08% + 82.26%73.93% + 86.79%
4-Hit DMG77.26%83.55%89.84%98.82%105.11%112.3%122.18%132.06%141.95%152.73%163.51%174.29%185.07%195.85%206.63%
Charged Attack DMG121.69%131.6%141.5%155.65%165.56%176.88%192.44%208.01%223.57%240.55%257.53%274.51%291.49%308.47%325.45%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost252525252525252525252525252525
Plunge DMG63.93%69.14%74.34%81.77%86.98%92.93%101.1%109.28%117.46%126.38%135.3%144.22%153.14%162.06%170.98%
Low/High Plunge DMG127.84% / 159.68%138.24% / 172.67%148.65% / 185.67%163.51% / 204.24%173.92% / 217.23%185.81% / 232.09%202.16% / 252.51%218.51% / 272.93%234.86% / 293.36%252.7% / 315.64%270.54% / 337.92%288.38% / 360.2%306.22% / 382.48%324.05% / 404.76%341.89% / 427.04%
Short-Range Rapid Interdiction FireShort-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire
Chevreuse quickly shoulders her musket and fires at her opponent(s), dealing AoE Pyro DMG.
For a short duration after Chevreuse fires a shot, she will continuously restore HP to your active character on the field. The amount healed is based on her Max HP.
Hold to fire in a different fashion.

Enter Aiming Mode, locking a target in her sights to fire a precise interdiction shot. If Chevreuse has an Overcharged Ball, then she will fire the Overcharged Ball instead, dealing greater Pyro DMG in a larger area.
Chevreuse gains 1 Overcharged Ball every time a nearby character in the party triggers an Overloaded reaction, and can have up to 1 Overcharged Ball at a time.

Arkhe: Ousia
Periodically, after Chevreuse's Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire hits, a Surging Blade will be called forth that deals Ousia-aligned Pyro DMG.

"Actually, training regulations only had the phrase "interdiction fire," but the protagonist of this novel believes that even how stylish your terminology is can affect how motivated your troops are, which can put your opponents on the back foot right from the get-go... I think that's a good point, so I changed the regulations!"
Press DMG115.2%123.84%132.48%144%152.64%161.28%172.8%184.32%195.84%207.36%218.88%230.4%244.8%259.2%273.6%
Hold DMG172.8%185.76%198.72%216%228.96%241.92%259.2%276.48%293.76%311.04%328.32%345.6%367.2%388.8%410.4%
Overcharged Ball DMG282.4%303.58%324.76%353%374.18%395.36%423.6%451.84%480.08%508.32%536.56%564.8%600.1%635.4%670.7%
HP Regeneration Over Time2.67% Max HP + 256.792.87% Max HP + 282.473.07% Max HP + 310.33.33% Max HP + 340.263.53% Max HP + 372.363.73% Max HP + 406.614% Max HP + 442.994.27% Max HP + 481.524.53% Max HP + 522.184.8% Max HP + 564.985.07% Max HP + 609.935.33% Max HP + 657.015.67% Max HP + 706.246% Max HP + 757.616.33% Max HP + 811.11
Healing Duration12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s12s
Surging Blade DMG28.8%30.96%33.12%36%38.16%40.32%43.2%46.08%48.96%51.84%54.72%57.6%61.2%64.8%68.4%
Surging Blade Interval10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s10s
Ring of Bursting GrenadesRing of Bursting Grenades
Chevreuse fires an explosive grenade at opponents with her musket, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. After the projectile hits, it will split into many secondary explosive shells.
The secondary explosive shells will burst after a short interval, dealing Pyro DMG to nearby opponents.

"Theoretically, a rectangular blast would be most efficient at destroying enemy formations. Unfortunately, the cross-section of an explosive shock wave is round, like most cakes. So, the secondary explosive shells can only be arranged like the fruit on a cake, forming a ring around the edge."
Explosive Grenade DMG368.16%395.77%423.38%460.2%487.81%515.42%552.24%589.06%625.87%662.69%699.5%736.32%782.34%828.36%874.38%
Secondary Explosive Shell DMG49.09%52.77%56.45%61.36%65.04%68.72%73.63%78.54%83.45%88.36%93.27%98.18%104.31%110.45%116.58%
Energy Cost606060606060606060606060606060

Passive Skills

Double Time MarchDouble Time March
Decreases sprinting Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%.
Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.
Vanguard's Coordinated TacticsVanguard's Coordinated Tactics
When all party members are Pyro and Electro characters and there is at least one Pyro and one Electro character each in the party:
Chevreuse grants "Coordinated Tactics" to nearby party members: After a character triggers the Overloaded reaction, the Pyro and Electro RES of the opponent(s) affected by this Overloaded reaction will be decreased by 40% for 6s.
The "Coordinated Tactics" effect will be removed when the Elemental Types of the characters in the party do not meet the basic requirements for the Passive Talent.
Vertical Force CoordinationVertical Force Coordination
After Chevreuse fires an Overcharged Ball using Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, nearby Pyro and Electro characters in the party gain 1% increased ATK for every 1,000 Max HP Chevreuse has for 30s. ATK can be increased by up to 40% in this way.


Stable Front Line's ResolveStable Front Line's Resolve
When the active character with the "Coordinated Tactics" status (not including Chevreuse herself) triggers the Overloaded reaction, they will recover 6 Energy. This effect can be triggered once every 10s.
You must first unlock the Passive Talent "Vanguard's Coordinated Tactics."
Sniper Induced ExplosionSniper Induced Explosion
After Holding Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire and hitting a target, 2 chain explosions will be triggered near the location where said target is hit. Each explosion deals Pyro DMG equal to 120% of Chevreuse's ATK. This effect can be triggered up to once every 10s, and DMG dealt this way is considered Elemental Skill DMG.
Practiced Field Stripping TechniquePracticed Field Stripping Technique
Increases the Level of Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Secret to Rapid-Fire MultishotsThe Secret to Rapid-Fire Multishots
After using Ring of Bursting Grenades, the Hold mode of Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire will not go on cooldown when Chevreuse uses it. This effect is removed after Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire has been fired twice using Hold or after 6s.
Enhanced Incendiary FirepowerEnhanced Incendiary Firepower
Increases the Level of Ring of Bursting Grenades by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
In Pursuit of Ending EvilIn Pursuit of Ending Evil
After 12s of the healing effect from Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, all nearby party members recover HP equivalent to 10% of Chevreuse's Max HP once.
After a party member is healed by Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire, they gain a 20% Pyro DMG Bonus and Electro DMG Bonus for 8s. Max 3 stacks. Each stack's duration is counted independently.

Skill Ascension


Party Switch
Opening Chest
Normal Attack
Medium Attack
Heavy Attack
Taking Damage (Low)
Taking Damage (High)
Battle Skill #1
Battle Skill #3
Sprinting Starts
Heavy Breathing (Climbing)
Open World Gliding (Start)
Open World Idle


Audio Language:
Chat: Musket
Chat: Patrol
Chat: Food
When It Rains
When Thunder Strikes
When It Snows
When the Sun Is Out
When the Wind Is Blowing
In the Desert
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Night
About Chevreuse: Special Security and Surveillance Patrol
About Chevreuse: Uniform Cap
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Us: Interests
* Complete "As Light Rain Falls Without Reason"
About Us: The Law
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
About the Vision
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Something to Share
Interesting Things: Gardemek
About Navia
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Lyney
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Freminet
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Clorinde
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Wriothesley
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Emilie
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Chiori
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Charlotte
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Sigewinne
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Neuvillette
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Furina
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More About Chevreuse: I
More About Chevreuse: II
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
More About Chevreuse: III
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More About Chevreuse: IV
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
More About Chevreuse: V
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
Chevreuse's Hobbies
Chevreuse's Troubles
Favorite Food
Least Favorite Food
Receiving a Gift: I
Receiving a Gift: II
Receiving a Gift: III
Feelings About Ascension: Intro
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 1
Feelings About Ascension: Building Up
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 2
Feelings About Ascension: Climax
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 4
Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 6
Elemental Skill: I
Elemental Skill: II
Elemental Skill: III
Elemental Burst: I
Elemental Burst: II
Elemental Burst: III
Opening Treasure Chest: I
Opening Treasure Chest: II
Opening Treasure Chest: III
Low HP: I
Low HP: II
Ally at Low HP: I
Ally at Low HP: II
Fallen: I
Fallen: II
Fallen: III
Heavy Hit Taken: I
Joining Party: I
Joining Party: II
Joining Party: III


Character DetailsIn the Court of Fontaine, where the corpus juris is exceedingly well-developed — some might even say convoluted — there are many odd ordinances that can confound and confuse foreign tourists.
For example, fruit tarts may not be placed directly on unheated platters, unfinished Fonta may not be intentionally placed in the middle of roads, and one must not forget to trim the claws of pet felines...
Violations are thus difficult to avoid. But Fontainians are quite familiar with such matters, quickly ascertaining the gravity of an offense and deciding on a course of action based on the identity of the one sent to deal with the matter.
If it is only a member of the establishment's staff, then perhaps a simple debate will be sufficient to resolve the issue; who doesn't enjoy a lively atmosphere? If it is a uniformed Gestionnaire, then all onlookers will have to suffer through an insufferably long-winded admonishment, and it's best to vacate the premises. If it is an officer of the Maison Gardiennage, then the parties involved won't get off scot-free, and may even have to pay fines. In this case, it's best to immediately clarify that you are an innocent bystander, and are in no way involved with the case.
However, if the one to come calling is the Captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol with her tall cap and musket slung across her back, along with a squad of Special Patrol officers...
Well, that means a particularly vicious case is unfolding, or perhaps a hoodlum is to be violently apprehended, or some fiendish felon has kidnapped a hostage... In any case, the only thing to do in such a situation is to quickly evacuate in accordance with the instructions given by the Special Patrol and give these "Felon Management Specialists" room to work their magic. At the same time, keep a tight leash on your curiosity and do not attempt to conceal yourself in a nearby hidey-hole. seeking to observe their law-enforcement activities from a close distance. Even if you wish to interview them, then wait until their work is done.
Most importantly, there's no need to feel unsafe, and even less cause for fear.
For as all Fontainians know, any hope criminals have to escape the long arm of the law flees whenever Captain Chevreuse is on the scene.
Character Story 1"If you don't behave, the Special Patrol's going to take you away!"
Such is the start of many a scolding given by Fontainian parents to a troublemaking child.
Children who have grown up with such threats from their parents, understand very clearly that the Special Patrol will never take action because a child didn't brush their teeth, slept in, broke a window, or swiped a slice of cake. Still, though they have long since matured into adults, they cannot help but stand up a bit straighter when they see Captain Chevreuse, averting their gaze and instinctually wringing their hands, mortally afraid that they might have committed some offense worthy of arrest without having even been aware of the nature of their crime. Yet despite being crystal clear that these fine officers are fighting crime, and regardless of their reverence for such upstanding upholders of the law, it is truly difficult to suppress the urge to tense up...
As for this "fearsome, infamous reputation," the Special Patrol themselves are quite exasperated. A member once suggested to Chevreuse that allowing such an "infamous reputation" to circulate is damaging to the Special Patrol's image: "The Special Patrol is an official law enforcement office under the Maison Gardiennage, after all, and if our methods of enforcing the law are more forceful, and the process thereof more intense, it's only because the criminals we deal with are the most vile and violent of them all. So to use the Special Patrol's good name to frighten children really is a bit..."
"Why not let Chevreuse give The Steambird an interview? Let our Captain stress that the Special Patrol is a law enforcement organization only focused on dealing with the worst offenders, and everything it does is to safeguard Fontaine's safety and stability, in pursuit of which it would never accost citizens without good cause..."
Yet Chevreuse vetoed this suggestion.
"If such a reputation has really become so deeply embedded in the minds of the people, and it sticks with them for a lifetime, then there's a chance that when someone considers taking things a step too far, fear inspired by our 'infamous reputation' may pull them back from the edge."
"...If so, then there'll be no need for us to actually take them away someday."
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 2
Character Story 2As one of the departments central to upholding the binding nature of Fontaine's laws and decrees, the "Court of Fontaine Grand Maison Gardiennage" is a solemn and dignified institution, and all law enforcement personnel must undergo rigorous examinations and instruction. Their every word and action reflects on the Maison Gardiennage, and represents the laws of the Court of Fontaine, so there is zero room for errors or negligence.
However, the way the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol of the Court of Fontaine does things is markedly different from other law enforcement agencies. Members are not required to use standardized weapons, nor must they wear uniforms outside of formal occasions... Additionally, after Chevreuse took command of the Special Patrol, many of its members began using muskets as part of their law enforcement arsenals, and some even began to refuse to go on missions with Gardemeks on the basis that not only can an immobile meka block their line of fire, but there's a distinct danger of criminals taking control of said meka and turning them against the squad. Furthermore, when selecting recruits, the Special Patrol will even accept the descendants of criminals whose households had been stripped of all honor...
For the sake of quickly solving the most heinous of cases, the Maison Gardiennage is willing to overlook all those issues, displaying great forbearance towards Chevreuse and the Special Patrol. But what they simply cannot abide is how Chevreuse is willing to invite serious felons to participate in cases she is handling as "special consultants."
Though Chevreuse stridently maintains that this is purely to catch vicious criminals as soon as possible, many colleagues still believe that relying on lawbreakers to help arrest lawbreakers is an insult to both the laws of Fontaine and those who enforce them. Should such humiliations continue, what dignity would remain for the Maison Gardiennage and the law itself?
Faced with such pointed questions, Chevreuse always gives the same simple response:
"The greatest insult to the law is a criminal roaming free and unpunished."
"And as for the 'dignity' of the Maison Gardiennage, it isn't even worthy of comparison with the safety of the Court of Fontaine."
This, too, is one of her father's teachings.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
Character Story 3"Monsieur Donatello is an upstanding officer of the law."
When Chevreuse discusses her father with others, she always offers this simple, curt evaluation. This is also one of the only two impressions she has of her father from her childhood.
Donatello was always busy, leaving hurriedly in the mornings and returning exhausted at night before giving Chevreuse and her mother a hug, gently apologizing for making them wait so long. Sometimes he would return exceptionally late, bringing his daughter sweet treats. Alas, having long since already brushed her teeth, it was also too late for her to have any more sugar.
Such gifts were a rare treat, and yet their luster would fade by morning, and so Chevreuse's mother would allow little Chevreuse to lick a bit of cream off before sending said dessert to her father's bedroom along with a cup of coffee.
At this time, her father would always be facing a wall covered in pictures and thumbtacks, at times staring blankly at it, at others pacing in circles, smoking, tousling his hair, and sometimes raising his fists in sudden triumph, before slowly lowering them and helplessly pounding the table— Chevreuse bore silent witness to all this, peeping in from behind the door.
Sometimes, when she ran into her father on the street, she would excitedly wave, but at most he would return a slight smile before throwing himself back into his myriad tasks.
"He's an upright, good man."
Her mother, neighbors, his colleagues, and even the kids next door all praised her father thusly.
But one day, those colleagues who were always praising her father as an upstanding man suddenly came knocking at her door.
Her mother was at a complete loss as she watched them come and go from her home. Though Chevreuse stayed in her room, from the commotion outside her door, she had already vaguely guessed that her father had become a "sinner" like those he had once pursued, and was at that moment awaiting sentencing, and might even be banished to the Fortress of Meropide.
"Did Papa... do something wrong?"
This was the question she asked the strange adults beside her. After much choking back of tears, the reply finally came:
"...Nonetheless, he is an upstanding officer of the law."
An upstanding sinner.
This became Chevreuse's second impression of her father from her childhood.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Character Story 4Even the most acclaimed authors of Fontaine would struggle to explain to a child why a suspect to whom all the evidence clearly pointed could not be convicted. Why everyone maintained their silence as an innocent officer of the law was falsely accused. Why many who witnessed the crime refused to speak the truth. And why the victim of the miscarriage of justice must pay with their own reputation and future for justice to finally make an appearance.
Even harder to explain is why the path to justice must be paved with crime.
But for Chevreuse, what was most concrete were the changes in her life wrought by her entire family moving to the Fleuve Cendre.
A narrow room, the food less tasty, friends who now never contacted her, and a mother growing more fatigued by the day... Her father's colleagues often came by in plainclothes, bringing all kinds of gifts with them. In addition to their presents, they brought news as well. They told her mother of the appeal they were all working so hard on — not just the Gardes and the members of the Special Patrol, but even several Gestionnaires who oft worked with them — and how despite the fact Donatello had broken the law was indisputable and established fact, and legally speaking his sentence could not be commuted or shortened, they at least could ensure he didn't need to endure further castigation. It was all of scant comfort to her mother, whose worries did not subside.
To take care of her mother, Chevreuse didn't hesitate to take up burdens that one as young as she should never have had to shoulder, stepping into the dark currents that swirled through the Fleuve Cendre.
Perhaps it was because the residents of the Fleuve Cendre had heard tell of or been on the receiving end of her upright father's care that so many helping hands were extended to her. A well-meaning shop owner gave her a job, and the couple next door often took care of her infirm mother.
And when the children of the Fleuve Cendre heard that the child of a Garde had come to live among them, they flocked to her like plaintiffs and defendants, seeking her arbitration on all manner of quarrels and disputes.
"Chevreuse! You gotta uphold justice, y'know!"
So cried the children with one voice, before laughing as one. They did not truly intend to allow Chevreuse to determine who was at fault, but rather saw it all as merely another game.
Yet the next day, Chevreuse brought a thick stack of legal materials when she went to see them, along with a notebook newly opened to the first page, and began speaking to the chortling children in a tone most serious.
"Very well. Let both sides present their evidence."
And from that day forward, the Fleuve Cendre had one more enforcer of the law — the littlest one around. But unlike the law enforcement officers aboveground, all judgments rendered by Chevreuse were executed under her personal supervision.
There in the sewers, she learned many ways to ensure that "justice" would be upheld.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
Character Story 5"...Then, Ms. Chevreuse, in accordance with the findings of this court, your father did indeed violate the regulations of the Gardes, leaking secret intelligence regarding a serious case, and for this reason, he was exiled to the Fortress of Meropide."
"From that moment onward, you followed your mother and moved to the Fleuve Cendre... As for your father's charges, and your experiences while living in the Fleuve Cendre, please provide a supplementary statement for this court."
"Regarding my experiences living in the Fleuve Cendre, my statement is as follows..."
Her father, Donatello, exiled for violating the law. Her poverty-stricken family forced to move to the Fleuve Cendre. A child of a sinner, unable to work for the Maison Gardiennage, and thus seeking to fight crime as a member of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol...
As the Captain of the Special Patrol was hearing her case, Chevreuse found herself explaining herself and reading her statement over and over. Having finished serving his sentence, her father Donatello was now serving in the Special Patrol. He had pored over her statement, and it had nary a single mistake or blemish.
Though it had been a long time since he was ousted from his former post, Donatello still understood the Maison Gardiennage's thinking. If Chevreuse was to take up the post of Captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol without issue, she would need to provide the good folks at the Maison Gardiennage with a sufficiently "decent" statement, such that they might clearly and firmly — yet with a bit of wiggle room — announce her appointment.
Chevreuse was no longer a child. She knew full well that her father had leaked classified intelligence regarding a major case to utilize the resulting interest from the press to assist in investigating that criminal. After her family moved to the Fleuve Cendre, the Gardes who visited — ranking officers among them — had surreptitiously provided aid, so their situation could not be considered too dire. Furthermore, the officers and members of the Special Patrol had made preparations ahead of time for Chevreuse to learn from them in the field, learning all about the relevant work in advance...
But saying all of that would be of no help to Chevreuse in taking over as Captain.
Though Donatello was still uneasy about his daughter following in his footsteps, she had completed all the training he had prepared for her. Chevreuse had given it her all, passing even those trials designed expressly to frustrate and vex her.
As Chevreuse plunged forward in the bone-chillingly freezing winter seas, it seemed to take every last ounce of Donatello's willpower to stand still and watch instead of running forth to cradle her in his embrace. As Chevreuse swam back to his side, trembling and shivering, Donatello knew that his daughter was stronger than he was, and even more suited to uphold "justice."
But today, let all of that be washed away into eternal silence amid the waters of the Fleuve Cendre.
For this father and daughter who long ago had swum together in the icy winter seas, it was now time to take a step forward.
"...My father violated Gardes regulations. The evidence of his guilt is conclusive, and the results of the hearing were correct."
With her final assertion of the facts of the case, Chevreuse folded up the draft of her speech.
Hereafter, justice would make its appearance, all in good time.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
The Special Security and Surveillance Patrol Type-II Standard MusketCompared to the initial configuration, the improved version of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol's standard musket features a modified butt stock that better fits human shoulders, as well as a longer barrel. Some specialized Type-II muskets feature all-purpose rails attached below the barrel and to the stock. Scopes, grenade launchers, smokescreen launchers, sonic boom launchers, and all kinds of melee weapons are among the various accessories that can be attached to the mounts, allowing them to be adapted for virtually any kind of combat mission.
However, while she was modifying muskets to improve the team's combat capabilities, Chevreuse also raised the evaluation standards for firearms proficiency, adding several requirements not related to firearms themselves, such as unarmed combat.
"The raison d'etre for the Special Patrol is capturing criminals, not strutting around showing off your gun!"
"What are you gonna do, refuse a mission if you can't bring your musket?"
And thus, thanks to the Type-II Standard Musket, the amount of training required vastly increased once more.
Naturally, Chevreuse herself completed 100% of every single training program.
Seeing their captain standing strong like an ironwoman in the middle of the practice field, the members of the patrol spoke out spontaneously, yet with one heart and one voice:
"Captain, please have mercy on us...!"
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
VisionThe Captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol, Chevreuse, rarely discusses how she obtained her Vision of her own accord. To others, she says the reason is because the authority and prestige of the Special Patrol comes from the law and justice. By focusing too much on "Visions," it would only create misunderstandings. To preserve the law's standing, it is better not to discuss such things.
But those close to Chevreuse know that this Vision is much more akin to a heavy burden for her.
After Chevreuse joined the Special Patrol, she used her extraordinary talent and perseverance to complete all kinds of internal training programs, memorizing every rule, regulation, and standard for Special Patrol operations along with the related statutes. Without question, she was first in her class, and her pursuit of "justice" was widely admired by other members.
But the officer in charge of them, Vice Captain Grizzetti, disagreed, and he never selected Chevreuse for field missions. Other members could only guess why: Perhaps it was to protect her? After all, he was once close with her father Donatello, and had taken care of her. They were so close that Chevreuse was said to call him "Uncle Grizzetti." Or maybe he was planning to groom her to take on some particularly important job?
Chevreuse didn't think about such complicated matters. After the sixth time she was excluded from a mission, she could bear it no longer and finally asked the usually amiable Uncle Grizzetti why he never chose her for fieldwork.
"You're not ready."
Came the reply.
"Fix your conception of justice first, Chevreuse. If your understanding of it is limited to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, then it would be best for you to leave this place. This is not some lynching site. This is where the voice of justice must ring true."
At the time, Chevreuse had not yet grasped this, nor did she even know just when she would be ready. Perhaps she would spend her entire life trying to understand. Or perhaps she would have to be ready the very next second.
Soon, Grizzetti found himself shorthanded during an urgent mission hunting down a gang of notorious criminals. With no choice but to call on Chevreuse, he repeatedly warned her to stay close, follow orders, and not act without permission. And then it was time to move out, and the various members filed out into the howling tempest to close off every possible route the gang of criminals could take.
Chevreuse and Grizzetti concealed themselves behind some shrubbery, but the criminals did not appear. Just as the two of them began to think their intelligence was mistaken and were preparing to withdraw quietly, a shot rang out from a hidden position, and Grizzetti was struck. Chevreuse counterattacked nearly instantly, using the muzzle flash in the darkness to sight the criminal's position before hitting them with a single precise bullet. But Uncle Grizzetti had already sunk into eternal silence.
Now, only Chevreuse and the killer remained. The howling wind and torrential downpour would conceal the sound of another gunshot, and the Special Patrol... They might not inquire too closely in the case of how this fiend who had murdered one of their colleagues had been shot dead.
But more importantly, the killer was right in front of her. If she wished to carry out justice, now was the time. She lifted her musket, aimed right between his eyes... and then lowered the gun.
The Special Security and Surveillance Patrol speaks only in the name of justice, and true "justice" can only be decided by the courts. Perhaps this was what it meant to be "ready" to become a member of the Special Patrol.
"This is the Court of Fontaine Special Security and Surveillance Patrol. You are under arrest."
No sooner had she finished speaking than the killer began to hobble away, seeking to flee without the slightest hesitation. With the crack of a musket, the man was struck squarely in his right leg. He cried out in agony, cursing as he rolled on the ground, finally coming to a stop before the feet of the other Patrol members who had rushed over.
The "justice" of the law is meted out by the courts, but as for Chevreuse's own personal justice, that is carried out by her alone.
As Chevreuse finally completely lowered her musket, she had yet to notice a Vision was now hanging from the stock.
In the lashing wind and rain, its glow was not readily apparent, much like justice yet to be revealed — pale and dark.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6

313 responses to “Chevreuse”

  1. her “grouping” was greatly overestimated, it’s just knockback from the bombs with convenient positioning for marketing.
    she’s good nonetheless

  2. a very solid unit for overload, but in coop still nobody wants to make that team
    why genshin people are so stupid?

  3. At c0 and stacking tons of hp she’s already giving me better results on my Raiden team than my 1.2k EM Kazuha.
    I use Raiden, Sara, Benny, Chev. Benny is c6 so using 2-3 normals before bursting on Raiden right after swapping from Sara helps with the uptime of her first passive thanks to pyro infusion.
    I also try to get Sara fully buffed so she also hits hard with her burst, the team frontloads quite a lot of damage.
    Will try to get her c1 so ER becomes a meme stat on this team lmao, won’t go further than that because the other two 4* are already c6, would be a waste of primos, but I really want to get her to c6 eventually

    • Expanding further upon this, no overload triggered with overworld objects seems to work either. Not the electro crystal, not the campfires, not burning grass, not the chasm gasses, not the explosive barrels, etc; although they all trigger the effects of overload with the correct elements, Chev’s passives only work when triggering the reaction on enemies and enemies only.
      Doesn’t matter much in abyss but would’ve been cool to get the overcharged ball or extra er before actually engaging into fights in the overworld.

  4. Chev makes me wish we had another Pyro off-field DPS… i won’t even roll into specifics this time, I’m just saying the same thing over and over as far as describing the issue. I will say that I give up on Arle as anything besides a Hypercarry/Onfielder though. Pyro Archon I’m begging you to save us from this drought (honestly Hoyo should have made a Yelan equivalent ages ago screw the Pyronado monopoly)

    And…. OK so, if anyone remembers I once theorized that Clorinde would have both Overload and Electro-Charged focuses (mirroring her Gun and Sword weaponry). The latest batch of admittedly sus leaks has made me look very very clairvoyant! If this turns out to be true I think I should be granted the remaining constellations on my Chevreuse because Hoyo is clearly taking inspiration from me and my ideas! I deserve thanks! (I am Unbelievably Delusional)

  5. at the end of the day she does what a better job on reactions shoud’ve done.
    I don’t accept any opinion which deny this, because for every decent creative mind it’s more than obvious that reactions are EXTREMELY poor designed. You don’t need chat gpt to check it yourself, and how you can make them infinitely better, with way more combinations. Not only with those ones which don’t react, like geo-cryo-dendro, but even in those ones we have already they couldve done it better. one example for all: take vape. There’s nothing different from pyro-hydro. You can apply hydro or pyro first do increase the multiplier, it’s true, but besides this vape is fixed and never different. And we have 4 (four) units in our team. There’s no bonus if 3 are pyro and 1 hydro, or vice versa. There’s no difference if pyro is applied for 1 or 10 seconds before hydro (like make it stronger).
    That’s why im comparing this with chevry
    this should be a reaction party, or a bonus, or a set. 2 pyro 2 electros: make a bonus like the one she has in her kit. Was that so fkn difficult? is their brain so tiny to conceive this?
    at least now i hope they realized how many combinations are still there, waiting to be discovered from their poor brains.
    Make a electro charged chevreuse, make one to boost geo-pyro teams, make another one for every full mono element team, make one for that absurd “canopy” which is almost never used, make a fkn one for whatever you can imagine.
    you are billionaires, i guess money is not a problem for you.
    well then, now invest it to hire some creative mind which will redesign these damn bad reactions, and make it as they shoudve been 3 years ago

    • Something along those lines. Noblesse can be helpful for buffing if Benny isn’t around, and SoDP set can be a potentially helpful (not super OP) damage boost if you can reach your ER and HP goals, but overall just stacking HP can be more than enough.

      • pre-c6 I feel like SoDP is pretty much useless since she won’t be healing as much, stacking hp for the A4 passive is probably better than that.


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