TitlePasserine Herald
OccupationMt. Aocang
WeaponWeapon Catalyst
ElementElement Anemo
Day of Birth11
Month of Birth4
Vision (Introduced)Anemo
Constellation (Introduced)Grus Serena
Chinese Seuyu秦紫翼
Japanese Seuyu中臣真菜
English SeuyuStephanie Panisello
Korean SeuyuKang Si-hyun
DescriptionOne of the Mighty and Illuminated Adepti of Jueyun, known as "Cloud Retainer." Expert in all kinds of mechanical contraptions, her heart now turns towards the affairs of the mortal world, through which she walks under the name "Xianyun."
Character Ascension Materials
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
Cloudseam Scale
Clearwater Jade
Divining Scroll
Sealed Scroll
Forbidden Curse Scroll
Skill Ascension Materials
Teachings of Gold
Guide to Gold
Philosophies of Gold
Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom
Crown of Insight

Table of Content
Skill Ascension
Related Items


LvHPAtkDefCritRate%CritDMG%Bonus Atk%MaterialsTotal Materials
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade3
Divining Scroll3
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade3
Divining Scroll3
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment3
Cloudseam Scale2
Clearwater Jade10
Divining Scroll15
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade13
Divining Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment3
Cloudseam Scale2
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment6
Cloudseam Scale4
Clearwater Jade20
Sealed Scroll12
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade33
Divining Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment9
Cloudseam Scale6
Sealed Scroll12
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk3
Cloudseam Scale8
Clearwater Jade30
Sealed Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade63
Divining Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment9
Cloudseam Scale14
Sealed Scroll30
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk3
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk6
Cloudseam Scale12
Clearwater Jade45
Forbidden Curse Scroll12
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade108
Divining Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment9
Cloudseam Scale26
Sealed Scroll30
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk9
Forbidden Curse Scroll12
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone6
Cloudseam Scale20
Clearwater Jade60
Forbidden Curse Scroll24
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver1
Clearwater Jade168
Divining Scroll18
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment9
Cloudseam Scale46
Sealed Scroll30
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk9
Forbidden Curse Scroll36
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone6


Active Skils

Normal Attack: Word of Wind and FlowerNormal Attack: Word of Wind and Flower
Normal Attack
Summons swirling winds to perform up to 4 attacks, dealing Anemo DMG.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina and launches a Breeze Bolt in a straight line that deals Anemo DMG to opponents along its path.

Plunging Attack
Gathers the power of Anemo and plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Anemo DMG upon impact with the ground.
1-Hit DMG40.3%43.33%46.35%50.38%53.4%56.42%60.45%64.48%68.51%72.54%76.57%80.6%85.64%90.68%95.72%
2-Hit DMG38.86%41.77%44.68%48.57%51.48%54.4%58.28%62.17%66.05%69.94%73.82%77.71%82.57%87.42%92.28%
3-Hit DMG48.88%52.54%56.21%61.1%64.76%68.43%73.32%78.2%83.09%87.98%92.87%97.76%103.86%109.97%116.08%
4-Hit DMG64.92%69.79%74.65%81.15%86.01%90.88%97.38%103.87%110.36%116.85%123.34%129.83%137.95%146.06%154.18%
Charged Attack DMG123.12%132.35%141.59%153.9%163.13%172.37%184.68%196.99%209.3%221.62%233.93%246.24%261.63%277.02%292.41%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost505050505050505050505050505050
Plunge DMG56.83%61.45%66.08%72.69%77.31%82.6%89.87%97.14%104.41%112.34%120.27%128.2%136.12%144.05%151.98%
Low/High Plunge DMG113.63% / 141.93%122.88% / 153.49%132.13% / 165.04%145.35% / 181.54%154.59% / 193.1%165.17% / 206.3%179.7% / 224.45%194.23% / 242.61%208.77% / 260.76%224.62% / 280.57%240.48% / 300.37%256.34% / 320.18%272.19% / 339.98%288.05% / 359.79%303.9% / 379.59%
White Clouds at DawnWhite Clouds at Dawn
Xianyun enters the Cloud Transmogrification state, in which she will not take Fall DMG, and uses Skyladder once.
In this state, her Plunging Attack will be converted into Driftcloud Wave instead, which deals AoE Anemo DMG and ends the Cloud Transmogrification state. This DMG is considered Plunging Attack DMG.
Each use of Skyladder while in this state increases the DMG and AoE of the next Driftcloud Wave used.

Can be used while in mid-air. Xianyun leaps forward, dealing Anemo DMG to targets along her path.
During each Cloud Transmogrification state Xianyun enters, Skyladder may be used up to 3 times and only 1 instance of Skyladder DMG can be dealt to any one opponent.
If Skyladder is not used again in a short period, the Cloud Transmogrification state will be canceled.

If Xianyun does not use Driftcloud Wave while in this state, the next CD of White Clouds at Dawn will be decreased by 3s.

Do not shake Cloud Retainer's hand too tightly; cranes are quite adept at gripping.
Skill DMG24.8%26.66%28.52%31%32.86%34.72%37.2%39.68%42.16%44.64%47.12%49.6%52.7%55.8%58.9%
Driftcloud Wave DMG116% / 148% / 337.6%124.7% / 159.1% / 362.92%133.4% / 170.2% / 388.24%145% / 185% / 422%153.7% / 196.1% / 447.32%162.4% / 207.2% / 472.64%174% / 222% / 506.4%185.6% / 236.8% / 540.16%197.2% / 251.6% / 573.92%208.8% / 266.4% / 607.68%220.4% / 281.2% / 641.44%232% / 296% / 675.2%246.5% / 314.5% / 717.4%261% / 333% / 759.6%275.5% / 351.5% / 801.8%
Stars Gather at DuskStars Gather at Dusk
Brings forth a sacred breeze that deals AoE Anemo DMG and heals all nearby characters based on Xianyun's ATK. It will also summon the "Starwicker" mechanism.

·Continuously follows the active character and periodically heals all nearby party members based on Xianyun's ATK.
·Starts with 8 stacks of Adeptal Assistance. While Adeptal Assistance is active, nearby active characters in the party will have their jump height increased.
·When the active character completes a Plunging Attack, Starwicker will consume 1 stack of Adeptal Assistance and deal AoE Anemo DMG.
Only 1 Starwicker can exist simultaneously.

This is the newest invention in the "Lunastar Artifices" series, of which previous creations include the Supreme Cuisine Machine, the Snowdrift Mechanism, the Supreme Housekeeping Machine, the Floating Toting Device, and the Bloom Pruner. This series was intended for young humans Cloud Retainer held in great esteem, and so was not designed with a certain half-adeptus in mind. However, when offered Starwicker, a certain female disciple of hers had these emotionless words to say: "No thank you."
Cloud Retainer thus had no choice but to keep it herself.
Skill DMG108%116.1%124.2%135%143.1%151.2%162%172.8%183.6%194.4%205.2%216%229.5%243%256.5%
Starwicker DMG39.2%42.14%45.08%49%51.94%54.88%58.8%62.72%66.64%70.56%74.48%78.4%83.3%88.2%93.1%
Healing92.16% ATK + 577.7899.07% ATK + 635.57105.98% ATK + 698.17115.2% ATK + 765.59122.11% ATK + 837.82129.02% ATK + 914.87138.24% ATK + 996.73147.46% ATK + 1083.41156.67% ATK + 1174.91165.89% ATK + 1271.22175.1% ATK + 1372.34184.32% ATK + 1478.28195.84% ATK + 1589.04207.36% ATK + 1704.61218.88% ATK + 1825
Continuous Healing43.01% ATK + 269.6346.23% ATK + 296.649.46% ATK + 325.8153.76% ATK + 357.2756.99% ATK + 390.9860.21% ATK + 426.9464.51% ATK + 465.1468.81% ATK + 505.5973.11% ATK + 548.2977.41% ATK + 593.2381.72% ATK + 640.4386.02% ATK + 689.8791.39% ATK + 741.5596.77% ATK + 795.49102.14% ATK + 851.67
Energy Cost707070707070707070707070707070

Passive Skills

Crane FormCrane Form
Increases gliding SPD for your own party members by 15%.
Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.
Galefeather PursuitGalefeather Pursuit
Each opponent hit by Driftcloud Waves from White Clouds at Dawn will grant all nearby party members 1 stack of Storm Pinion for 20s. Max 4 stacks. These will cause the characters' Plunging Attack CRIT Rate to increase by 4%/6%/8%/10% respectively.
Each Storm Pinion created by hitting an opponent has an independent duration.
Consider, the Adeptus in Her RealmConsider, the Adeptus in Her Realm
When the Starwicker created by Stars Gather at Dusk has Adeptal Assistance stacks, nearby active characters' Plunging Attack shockwave DMG will be increased by 200% of Xianyun's ATK. The maximum DMG increase that can be achieved this way is 9,000.
Each Plunging Attack shockwave DMG instance can only apply this increased DMG effect to a single opponent. Each character can trigger this effect once every 0.4s.


Purifying WindPurifying Wind
White Clouds at Dawn gains 1 additional charge.
Aloof From the WorldAloof From the World
After using a Skyladder from White Clouds at Dawn, Xianyun's ATK will be increased by 20% for 15s.
Additionally, the effects of the Passive Talent "Consider, the Adeptus in Her Realm" will be enhanced: When the Starwicker created by Stars Gather at Dusk has Adeptal Assistance stacks, nearby active characters' Plunging Attack shockwave DMG will be increased by 400% of Xianyun's ATK. The maximum DMG increase that can be achieved this way is 18,000.
Each Plunging Attack shockwave DMG instance can only apply this increased DMG effect to a single opponent. Each character can trigger this effect once every 0.4s.
You must first unlock the Passive Talent "Consider, the Adeptus in Her Realm."
Creations of Star and MoonCreations of Star and Moon
Increases the Level of Stars Gather at Dusk by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Mystery Millet GourmetMystery Millet Gourmet
After using Skyladder 1/2/3 times during one White Clouds at Dawn Cloud Transmogrification state, when a Driftcloud Wave unleashed during that instance hits an opponent, it will heal all nearby party members for 50%/80%/150% of Xianyun's ATK. This effect can be triggered once every 5s.
Astride Rose-Colored CloudsAstride Rose-Colored Clouds
Increases the Level of White Clouds at Dawn by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
They Call Her Cloud RetainerThey Call Her Cloud Retainer
After Xianyun uses 1/2/3 Skyladders within one Cloud Transmogrification caused by White Clouds at Dawn, the CRIT DMG of a Driftcloud Wave created in this instance of Cloud Transmogrification will be increased by 15%/35%/70%.
Within 16s after Xianyun has used Stars Gather at Dusk, White Clouds at Dawn will not enter CD. This effect will be canceled once she has used White Clouds at Dawn 8 times.

Skill Ascension


Party Switch
Opening Chest
Normal Attack
Medium Attack
Heavy Attack
Taking Damage (Low)
Taking Damage (High)
Battle Skill #1
Battle Skill #3
Sprinting Starts
Heavy Breathing (Climbing)
Open World Gliding (Start)
Open World Idle
Idle Performance


Audio Language:
Chat: The Study of Mechanisms
Chat: The Mortal World
Chat: Interesting Experiences
When It Rains
When Thunder Strikes
When the Sun Is Out
When the Wind Is Blowing
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Night
About Xianyun: Disciples
About Xianyun: Cooking
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Us: Companions
About Us: Bonds
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
About the Vision
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Something to Share
Interesting Things
About Ganyu
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Shenhe
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Zhongli
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Xiao
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Hu Tao
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Xiangling
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Ningguang
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Keqing
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Yun Jin
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Yaoyao
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
About Gaming
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More about Xianyun: I
More about Xianyun: II
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
More about Xianyun: III
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
More about Xianyun: IV
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
More about Xianyun: V
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
Xianyun's Hobbies
Xianyun's Troubles
* Complete "A Thousand Moonlit Miles"
Favorite Food
Least Favorite Food
Receiving a Gift: I
Receiving a Gift: II
Receiving a Gift: III
Feelings About Ascension: Intro
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 1
Feelings About Ascension: Building Up
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 2
Feelings About Ascension: Climax
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 4
Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
* Unlocks at Ascension Phase 6
Elemental Skill: I
Elemental Skill: II
Elemental Skill: III
Elemental Burst: I
Elemental Burst: II
Elemental Burst: III
Opening Treasure Chest: I
Opening Treasure Chest: II
Opening Treasure Chest: III
Low HP: I
Low HP: II
Ally at Low HP: I
Ally at Low HP: II
Fallen: I
Fallen: II
Fallen: III
Heavy Hit Taken: I
Heavy Hit Taken: II
Joining Party: I
Joining Party: II
Joining Party: III


Character DetailsAccording to the "Thrice Annotated Version of the Full Record of Pristine Pavilion," a roaming adeptus travels with the "Spirit of Eight Pure and Mighty Rose-Clouds," dancing through the air as though "riding light and striding lightning." Their lives, too, are long beyond mortal reckoning. What humans call a millennium is but time for a short rest for the adeptus in their abode. As the saying goes, "Night and day belong not in paradise."
As for where the adepti dwell, the "Full Record of Pristine Pavilion" asserts that the sky is their pillow and the earth their mat, and that they may dwell in the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas — and this indeed seems to explain the countless adeptal encounters recorded in the annals of Liyue's history. This is one school of thought.
Another can be found in the classic treatise on metal and stone, "Void-Pacing Stone Catalog." While showering praise upon the weird and wonderful rock formations of Jueyun Karst, "Stone Catalog" also proffers a warning: "The peaks of Jueyun tower up to lofty heights, striving to outdo one another... each belonging to a different master — Qingyun Peak to Moon Carver, Mt. Hulao to Mountain Shaper, Mt. Aocang to Cloud Retainer. The wise climb not a mastered mountain, nor quarry its rocks."
Out of a similar veneration, descriptions of what the adepti actually look like are few and far between. Based on a handful of allusions to Cloud Retainer's appearance in the historian Zichang's "Stone Tablet Compilations," as well as scattered references in ancient songs, we can know that the adepti are ever-changing in form. To take Cloud Retainer as an example, when in human form, she is said to be "of elegant countenance, dressed in purpled robes and made up like a flower in full bloom"; whereas in bestial form, she "flies with grace, soaring among the clouds and crying out to the moon."
Interestingly, one particular tale recounted in "Full Record of Pristine Pavilion" gives a further idea of the sublime character of the adepti. Once upon a time, a traveler happened upon Cloud Retainer while passing through Jueyun Karst. Taking out a self-made timepiece which he proudly dubbed a "Jade Bottle Float-Type Water Clock," he sought to impress his ingenuity upon the adeptus. But to his surprise, she instead summarily pointed out the flaws of using a float-type water clock to record the passing of time. Hearing this, the traveler begged for her guidance, which he eventually received before being sent back down the mountain.
Such tales are apt to make mortals lament — it is only after meeting an adeptus, free and unfettered by the material world, that one can truly realize how insignificant our lives are.
Character Story 1Every second of every day, Liyue Harbor bustles with throngs of people coming and going. Local businessman weighed down by sacks of gold, outlanders garbed in strange attire, shrewd and canny public servants, warm-hearted guards... People from all walks of life with all sorts of personalities mingle, to the extent that no one looks out of place.
When someone new suddenly appears in a city like this, people don't bat an eyelid.
This particular newcomer to Liyue Harbor is a woman who goes by the name of Xianyun. Tall and slender, she wears a pair of red-rimmed spectacles and exudes an aura that makes her stand out from the crowd.
To the Fontainian merchants who sell their mechanical creations on the streets of Liyue, she's already a familiar figure. When passing by, she invariably stops to discuss mechanical design with them — and once such discussions get started, entire afternoons fly by before anyone notices. She seems well acquainted with Chef Mao and Xiangling from Wanmin Restaurant as well, and is often to be seen sitting at a table opposite Guoba, waiting for a bowl of piping hot Dragon Beard Noodles. And she's also made an impression on the waiters of both Xinyue Kiosk and Liuli Pavilion, where she sometimes dines as the guest of Mr. Zhongli from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Granny Shan, the toy seller, remembers her too. If memory serves, she'd tell you, Xianyun's the one who often brings along a young woman with long, white hair to look at her kites and other trinkets. The young woman, whose name she now recalls is Shenhe, never seems to find anything that takes her fancy — yet Xianyun always brings her back nonetheless.
Just like many other residents of Liyue Harbor, it seems that Xianyun not only has hobbies of her own, but also travels widely and has many friends.
So when people see her chatting with Madame Ping by the fish pond nearby Yujing Terrace, they think nothing of it.
"I haven't seen much of Mountain Shaper lately. And Moon Carver still hasn't returned that Multi-Purpose Abode Cleaning Talisman I lent him, to this day..."
"Is that so? What might that be then, some sort of new sigil contraption you've come up with?"
"Yes, let me tell you all about it..."
Each day, there comes a time when the lights of thousands of homes finally go out, and Liyue Harbor falls silent for a brief while. With nothing more to see before morning, Xianyun takes this opportunity to take a stroll along the narrow path that winds up Mt. Tianheng.
Jagged outcrops pose little obstacle for Xianyun. With a quick jump up and a gust of wind below, she's already at the top in the blink of an eye.
Gazing down upon the murky streets far below, the human known as Xianyun transforms into a crane, and with a flap of her wings lifts herself up toward the firmament.
But of course, there's really nothing strange about any of this. Liyue Harbor is a city that embraces all — so it's only natural that some adepti would end up living here too.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 2
Character Story 2Some of Liyue's history has simply been lost to the sands of time. The rest has either left its mark on the land in the form of ancient ruins, or — thanks to the painstaking efforts of those with adeptal affinity — made it into the annals of history. Aside from traveling to all corners of the land, those who would seek to understand Liyue's history must therefore look to the history books. Naturally, book collectors have played an important role in this process. One such individual is the great scholar of Liyue Harbor who refers to himself as "Scholar Dongming."
Dongming is closely acquainted with Wangsheng Funeral Parlor's consultant Mr. Zhongli, and indeed often entreats him to help assess the authenticity of ancient texts. On one such occasion, Zhongli had a matter at hand that prevented him from attending in person, so he sent a friend in his stead.
This particular friend turned out to be a tall, slender woman who wore red-rimmed spectacles and introduced herself as Xianyun. At first, Dongming assumed that she would be a person of culture and learning just like Mr. Zhongli. But upon entering, she displayed no apparent interest in the ancient texts before her, and the only thing that seemed to catch her eyes was the old mechanical lock on the door. Overcome by nerves, Dongming was for a time at a complete loss for words. As if she could sense the awkward silence hanging on the air, Xianyun took charge and began to speak. To put Dongming's nerves at ease, she reassured him that her eyesight was perfectly adequate for judging the veracity of ancient texts, and then began to talk about her glasses.
It turned out that there was nothing wrong with Xianyun's eyesight, and that she didn't even need glasses to see clearly. "Glasses," she explained, "not only help people see, but can be worn as accessories too, you know! And once you've realized that... Why limit yourself to the boring colors? What's wrong with red rims anyway?"
"What an interesting person..." thought Dongming to himself.
"Besides, don't glasses put people at ease? Don't they feel more... human?" A sudden change of expression passed over Dongming's face when he heard this.
"I mean, more in line with the local fashion. I'm not from Liyue Harbor, after all."
"Ah, that explains it then..." thought Dongming, who himself was not a local either. Hearing her say this made him feel that little bit closer to Xianyun — close enough, in fact, to steer the topic back to those ancient texts that he wanted her to assess.
After looking through the texts for a moment, Xianyun frowned and exclaimed: "'Shaped like a bull, with a winged tail'... Why on earth would Fujin of the North choose to take such a form? And the part about Mountain Shaper... it's all nonsense."
One way to judge the authenticity of ancient writings is to examine their contents. Given that the expert before him believed the records to be erroneous, it seemed to Dongming that this book — which he had acquired for quite the pretty price — was most probably a forgery. Collecting ancient texts is an exhausting and expensive endeavor, and requires tightening your belt from time to time in order to make ends meet. Dongming couldn't help but smile bitterly as he reflected on the misfortunes he'd faced in life. His parents and wife had already passed away, and now these books were his only escape from the sorrows of living.
With a voice overflowing with emotion, he sighed: "Mortal lives are full of tribulation, while the adepti are unconstrained and carefree. I doubt I'll ever have the fortune to meet an adeptus."
Gazing down through her spectacles, Xianyun looked upon the haggard-looking book-collector for a moment, before replying: "It is said that in ancient times, people who sought the path of the adepti had to pass the trials of heaven and earth, and only then might they be granted the opportunity to prove their true intentions. The tortuous path to becoming an adeptus was no less painful than the agonies of mortal life."
"You're right... I've let myself get carried away."
After a brief exchange, Dongming accompanied Xianyun back out of the library. Just before parting, she suddenly looked up as if she had recalled something, and said: "Despite the fact that your book isn't genuine, if I were you, I'd consider taking that old lock on your door to an antique dealer. You might just find that it's worth at least as much as that book."
"And as for adeptal affinity... I wouldn't lose hope quite yet either. You have plenty of time ahead of you, so stay vital and look to the future."
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 3
Character Story 3The prevailing school of historical thought holds the following to be true: "Since the beginning have things existed, the heavens and earth bounded by their limits, as do the myriad rivers of the world — extending off into the four directions — all know a beginning and an end. Through the cosmos, the immortals came into being without waiting for the gods, took form without waiting for light and dark — moistening the woods and grass, soaking into metal and rock, their way of nature, their beginning unknown, their end unknowable." In simple terms — the world has its limits, and the adepti were not in fact created by the gods.
Before the word "Liyue" even existed, the adepti already inhabited the mountains of this land. Among their number, some took it as their duty to protect the world and its people, while others were set on tyranny. Parts of this history have been recorded in "Full Record of Pristine Pavilion":
"The drought demon ran amok, setting the naked wilderness ablaze. The people's hearts were fumigated, driving them to the brink of despair. Beset by clouds of pestilence and miasma, they were gripped with worry. Who could they turn to? Who would save them?
"Upon arrival, the adeptus borrowed the wind to retain the clouds. Immediately, the clouds gathered together, and abundant rain burst forth from the heavens. Drought and plague were both driven away, and the people were saved."
It was this adeptus, respectfully addressed as "Cloud Retainer" by later generations, that saved humanity from the demon of drought in their hour of need. Filled with gratitude, the people recorded her deed of great benevolence with these words.
Later on, the great war broke out among the gods. The values and compassion of Morax, the God of Contracts, won him the favor of Cloud Retainer and the other adepti, and so they followed him into battle, campaigning widely across the land. Finally they prevailed, restoring peace to the land and prosperity for the people.
Tales of that bygone era, with its heroes and adepti beyond number, have never failed to fascinate and impassion posterity. The towering figures of the adepti have imprinted themselves upon the very fabric of history, inspiring countless moving legends that have grown together with the people of Liyue. But when Xianyun hears humans tell their stories about the adepti, especially the parts about herself, she rarely seems to show excitement.
Over the years, Jueyun Karst — which once echoed with the sound of joyful music — has become an unbearably lonely place to reside in. Nearly all her dear friends that once laughed by her side have perished in the raging fires of that war. Sometimes, the emptiness inside her is quite overwhelming. And though her companions sacrificed themselves willingly in defense of the world, she cannot help but lament their passing.
But despite this, the ironclad pact that was made with Rex Lapis all those years past still holds her to her vows; the contract is a living testament to the united determination and aspirations of all the adeptal hosts. The thought of forswearing her oath and leaving has never once crossed Xianyun's mind. More than anything else, she values the ties of friendship that bind her to her companions — if it was just to uphold the wishes of her deceased adepti friends, she would never abandon Liyue at a time of need.
With a mixture of regret and determination swirling through her heart, Xianyun's swelling thoughts gradually began to reside, and she listened in silence as the remainder of the human legend was told. When it was finally over, her response was simply:
"A compelling story indeed."
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
Character Story 4In the days before their friendships were torn asunder, the adepti would gather from time to time and fill Jueyun Karst with the merry sound of song and music.
Streetward Rambler had the best sense of melody and played the zither with great beauty, while Guizhong was a natural composer.
The yakshas Bonanus and Indarias would often accompany Cloud Retainer, beating time and singing along to Streetward Rambler's melodies. Sometimes, when she was excited, Cloud Retainer would take on all kinds of different forms as she danced along with the gentle breeze.
On such occasions, the creatures of the mountains and rivers would raise their heads and prick up their ears, standing transfixed as they quietly enjoyed the blissful adeptal music. Other adepti too would stop to listen with gladness in their hearts.
Nowadays, a quietness has fallen upon Jueyun Karst, broken only by the whistle of the wind and the chirping of the birds.
Occasionally, deep in the heart of Mt. Aocang, the sound of Cloud Retainer speaking with her disciples might be heard from the innermost recesses of her abode.
Over the years, her compassion has driven her to take in many disciples. Some have tragic stories indeed, yet through years of assiduous training are no longer shrouded in melancholy, like buds that have weathered a frost emerging defiant from the melting snow.
Watching them often brings her great joy. They embody the hopes that her friends once cherished, and thus through them their spirit lives on.
This is precisely why she's so protective of her young disciples. At times, her overflowing desire to care for them seems to overwhelm and confuse them — but she doesn't mind.
After all, the young ones have never known the agony of being separated from their friends, nor beheld the sight of blood-soaked battlefields. How could they possibly know how much they meant to her? As long as they stay safe and sound, that's all that matters.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 5
Character Story 5Natural laws are mysterious and elusive, and thus do each of the adepti have their own unique methods of training.
Cloud Retainer espouses the investigative study of underlying laws. Wisdom must first be sought from external sources before insights are verified internally. One must refine oneself from the outside in, aligning inner thoughts with external realities to achieve a state of unity. The purpose of investigation is to explore the principles of all things, and thereby discover the universal truths that lie within. All that is in the world, sentient or not, embodies a set of principles — and only by researching and studying these principles can one understand the laws that all things obey. This is the way of true cultivation.
The fruits borne by millennia of such devotion have been great indeed, and naturally it is this wisdom that sets her apart from mortal folk. That they live such short lives seems a great pity to her, for even if it was her desire to do so, she would not have the time to teach these beings the full extent of her wisdom in its purest form. Besides, those with more limited faculties often found it difficult to comprehend such profundity, even with her guidance.
But after an intense bout of thinking, something occurred to her.
Though mere mortals might have great difficulty apprehending the laws of nature through experience, she herself could invest truths into ingenious devices, and thus enlighten humankind through the medium of mechanics.
Firstly, given that the laws of nature are profound and enigmatic, if she could dismantle them into a myriad of smaller principles and spread this knowledge through the world, perhaps this would help humans grasp them better.
Secondly, basing production on the principles of mechanics would save an inestimable amount of manpower and resources.
If machines could be used to wash clothes, people would no longer have to lie there in their beds listening to the sound of clothes being laundered in the dead of night.
And if people could use machines to walk, there'd no longer be such a thing as a long, arduous journey.
In the present day, peace prevailed throughout Liyue, and the land no longer relied on her to deliver it from drought by the blessing of a timely rain — nowadays, the people themselves could save their fields through irrigation. The fires of war were all but extinguished, and the people were content, now longing for prosperous lives.
In an age like this, upholding contracts and protecting the world was no longer simply a matter of slaying monsters and exorcizing demons. Creating mechanisms to improve people's lives was another equally valid way to achieve the same end.
A mortal's life is limited, and expecting them to fully grasp the laws of nature or devote their whole lives to building an enduring legacy was simply unrealistic. But with her help... perhaps creating an earthly paradise wasn't just a pipe dream after all.
Though the songs that rang through Jueyun Karst would never be heard again, the laughter that resounded in all corners of the city could still be preserved... That was something she could do, and something she yearned for from the bottom of her heart.
Besides, Cloud Retainer truly is passionate about her mechanisms, to the point that she'll often forget to eat and sleep when she's working on a new one, despite how much she loves her fine cuisine.
No one knows when it started, but Cloud Retainer's fascination for the study of mechanisms now grips her almost to the point of obsession — something that every single one of her disciples is all too aware of...
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6
JadevoidLegend has it that the place where an adeptus resides is known as their Jadevoid. The adeptal abodes tucked away among the peaks of Jueyun Karst are just such places.
The word "Jadevoid" originates from a spot among the clouds high above Qingyun Peak which overlooks the world below. This is a place that has rarely been seen by mortal eyes.
"Jade" refers to the foundation of this place, which was made from a single piece of Plaustrite — hence why it floats above the clouds.
The true way is found in emptiness, and thus can be attained by traversing the void. Once, those who sought the path of the adepti had to pass the trials of heaven and earth. This place served as the trial of "heaven."
Originally, however, the Jadevoid was not created by the adepti as a test of the spirit. Instead, it was created by Cloud Retainer as a locale for reflection and meditation. It was only later that Moon Carver and Mountain Shaper persuaded her to lend this place for the benefit of those who might come seeking the adeptal path. Hearing that Rex Lapis had given his assent and that Guizhong and Streetward Rambler both agreed as well, Cloud Retainer readily gave up the Jadevoid and had a small pavilion built upon it.
Nowadays, few are able to follow the adeptal path, and the Jadevoid — almost nothing now but a legend among mortals — has returned to the care of Cloud Retainer. But today, returning to this place above the clouds, her state of mind has changed.
Though the vast sea of clouds and the sight of the sun as it rises and sets are as magnificent as ever, her thoughts have begun to drift off to the lively bustle of the mortal world.
Now, she yearns to live alongside the humans under the name of Xianyun.
"As it just so happens, I'm starting to feel hungry. How about... some of Wanmin Restaurant's delectable Crab Roe Tofu."
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 4
VisionThe adepti of Liyue were born amongst the elemental energy that courses between heaven and earth. As pure elemental beings, they are closer to the origin of ultimate truth than ordinary mortals.
For Xianyun, channeling elemental power is something that can be done almost subconsciously. She requires the aid of no external focus to do so, let alone a Vision.
But now that she's walking the mortal realm in human form, following human rules somehow seems oddly appropriate. To her, using a Vision as a medium to harness elemental power couldn't be easier... so why not?
Xianyun certainly does not value the Vision that she wears on her arm in the same way that a mortal would. But carrying it with her led to a discovery.
One time, as she was passing through Dihua Marsh, she came upon a farmer. Despite the fact that he was tall and carried a hoe, he was trembling and immobilized with fear in the face of a pair of short, feeble-looking bandits who were threatening him with daggers. Intending to help, Xianyun stepped forward — but seeing that she was a woman and slightly-built to boot, he tried to persuade her to stay out of it so she wouldn't get hurt.
But when Xianyun turned to speak to him, he saw her Vision and immediately took her for a chivalrous hero instead. His tone and posture changed in the blink of an eye, and after bidding her join him in driving off the bandits, he charged straight at them. In the end, the hoe-brandishing farmer singlehandedly repelled the two thieves, with Xianyun merely knocking a dagger out of one of their hands. Yet looking at the shining Vision on her arm, the farmer kept exclaiming how much he wished he had one.
Of course, the farmer didn't need a Vision — all he really needed was a little courage. But she saw the effect that the Vision had on him, and how his expression changed so completely it was almost as if he had become another person. The profound influence that an external object could exert upon a person became apparent in that instant.
For a time, this left her feeling puzzled.
Though it may be true that everything in this world possesses its own objective characteristics, but changing how you act towards a person because of an external object... surely that was folly in almost all cases. Known for her candor, she has always been easily moved to commend or scorn, but her judgment was always based on essence rather than appearance.
When people are friendly to her, she treats them kindly back; but when they're vile, all she has for them is her contempt. This is how she is when she's Cloud Retainer, so it's how she'll be as the chivalrous hero Xianyun too.
"Open your eyes and take a look around — I didn't lift a finger. Since you can rely on your own skill to drive away your enemies, you should show some more confidence." Xianyun had said her piece, so with a flick of her sleeve, she was off.
With heroism she cleanses the world below, and with wisdom imparts the laws of nature. To this day Xianyun walks the mortal realm still, poised and unaffected.
* Unlocks at Friendship Lv. 6

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