Ancient Inscription

Ancient Inscription
Ancient InscriptionNameAncient Inscription
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyNon-Codex Series, Non-Codex Lore Item
DescriptionAncient Inscription

Item Story

I once crossed the layers of clear waters, visiting the corridor beneath the lake.
And once crossed the boundless valley, reaching the ruined city in the east.
I once conquered the golden sands blotting out the skies, seizing the treasures of the dead.
And once conquered the boundless blue, unearthing the buried secrets of deserted islands.
But the more I obtained, the emptier I felt.
No amount of treasure could fill the hole in my heart.
Until I met the great sage Ruggiero,
Through his teachings, my inner peace was restored.
I used the wealth accumulated over long years to aid him in rebuilding this town,
And divided the remainder into four parts, hiding them on this island.

Facing the heart of the mountains,
Seeking the eye of the springs,
Reach the corner's apex,
Gazing at the distant island of pouring pearls.

If you want it, then go look for it. The wise will always find the answer.

Juliano, an ordinary villager

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