Ruggiero’s Notes (II)

Ruggiero's Notes (II)
Ruggiero's Notes (II)NameRuggiero's Notes (II)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyNon-Codex Series, Ancient Piece of Paper
DescriptionRuggiero's Map

Item Story

Alas, we found no noteworthy Remurian treasures other than (...). Nothing but Mora-a-dozen ancient bric-a-brac from storehouses.

If what the Golden Hunter said was true, then the (...) we initially sought has long since sunk to the bottom of the sea alongside Capitolium. Most of the relics here are from the Golden Troupe, not...

Regardless, we have not the time to retrieve the relics now. Our current priority is to seal this place. I've marked the location of the relics on the map, perhaps someday...

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