Fortune Slip

Fortune Slip
Fortune SlipNameFortune Slip
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyFortune Slip, Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA special slip of paper that can illuminate one's fortune. Also known to a certain someone as "strips of paper."
You can only get one of these per day, which will cause the previous day's fortune slip to lose meaning and disappear.
They say that slips that portend ill luck such as "Misfortune" and "Great Misfortune" can be tied to the Fortune Slip Hanger as a prayer for a turnaround.
Regardless, "fate" and "destiny" are things best grasped and forged in one's own hands.

Item Story

Be careful. You may be about to lose something that you treasure.
Remember to rest if you're feeling unwell.
Think twice before you make a decision.

Your lucky object for the day: Frosty Mist Flower
The Mist Flower gives off a coldness that says: I am unapproachable.
But sometimes, that same cool air can calm one's heart and mind.
This may help you to judge situations correctly, and act wisely.

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