Wings of Descension

Wings of Descension
Wings of DescensionNameWings of Descension
Item Source (Ingame)Special reward given to players on "PlayStation Network"
DescriptionOnly available while playing on "PlayStation Network".
A stylized wind glider that can be used to cross the celestial heights.

Item Story

This is proof that you came to this world via special means.
This is the seal of which only one who has pierced the celestial heights is worthy.

"Your journey will become very dangerous from now on,"
So that person told you.
"I don't know if this cloth will do anything to protect you, but..."

It was indeed so—
In your long journey, you have seen the birth and death of stars as they passed you by,
Scattering the darkness briefly before being consumed once more.
This cloth will block neither heat nor cold, nor will it defend you from curses and ill-will.
But during long nights on Teyvat, you will sometimes throw it on and find it to be most useful indeed.

"But when you face a force enough to destroy one, or perhaps even two worlds,"
You do not truly remember who it was who had treated the two of you ever so gently. You wish you could remember...
"When you face a boundless darkness, or an all-consuming radiance..."
But that was one world ago.

You no longer need to sleep out in the wild.
Your bed in the city is fluffy and comfortable. And even if you must camp, the grass is soft, filled with the fragrance of life.
So from the moment you received that wind glider from that girl, you had already thought of a new use for that cloth...

And now, you shall once again soar through the skies together with it.

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