Hex & Hound (III)

Hex & Hound (III)
Hex & Hound (III)NameHex & Hound (III)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Hex & Hound
DescriptionEven when you live in a safe city, you should watch out for the wolves that lurk in the night... Something more impossible to master than mass hypnosis is revealed within these pages.

Item Story

Night came.
The faint howl of a wild beast could be heard echoing in the distance. It seemed to be the cry of a wolf.
Nottie sat on her bed and lifted her long sleeves to reveal a bone-white armband carved in the fashion of a coiling snake.
The serpent's head was strikingly lifelike with its mouth stretched open to reveal its fangs. Its neck was reared back as if ready to pounce on its prey the very next moment.
The snake's slithering body was wrapped around her arm, emitting a dangerous aura under the rays of the magical lamps that lit the room.
"Goodnight, my dear sister."
Nottie gently petted the armband, rubbing her pinkie playfully along the snake's tail.
Shortly after, the magic lamps went out and the entire room was draped in darkness.

The darkness of night brought Nottie boundless power.
So Nottie was already wise to the unknown presence the moment it entered the room.
Sitting on the bed, Nottie could clearly see Dietrich as he quietly gathered her clothes and felt his way around in the dark.
It became harder and harder for Nottie to hold back her laughter, until Dietrich was just in front of her.

Dietrich met the same dazzling eyes that occupied his mind all day.
But her eyes were somehow different now. They were no longer blue like water as Dietrich had seen that day. At this moment, they were filled with the night, devoid of waves, tranquil like the depths of the sea.

"Here, drink the water in this cup."
That was the last thing Dietrich heard before his consciousness faded away.

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