Someone’s Diary III: Jueyun Karst

Someone's Diary III: Jueyun Karst
Someone's Diary III: Jueyun KarstNameSomeone's Diary III: Jueyun Karst
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, Someone's Diary
DescriptionA diary left behind by someone in the wilderness that tells of the owner's adventures at Jueyun Karst.

Item Story

—Jueyun Karst—
Near the foot of the cliff, I ran into a herb gatherer who helped me set the bone. I almost passed out from the pain. But he did say that most passers-by he meets who have survived an encounter with a Ruin Guard tend to be less physically intact than I am... Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.

From above, Jueyun Karst looks completely untouched by human activity. It's also shrouded in mist, and to add to the mystery it's impossible to know just how deep the mist goes. Strange noises can be heard coming from the stone forest. Whether it's illuminated beasts or celestial beings in there, I don't know. All I know is it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. With any luck I should be able to pick up a quality chunk of amber here, or maybe some highly prized medicinal herbs. I know that back in the day many of the poorer village folks made their fortunes and built their lives in Liyue by selling herbal medicine, and I see no reason why I couldn't do the same.

It rained heavily in the evening, which meant the cliff face was too slippery to climb up. I also couldn't find my climbing rope or axe anywhere. It's strange, I'm not the type to lose things so easily... I'll bet one of the monsters lurking in the mountains pinched it when I wasn't looking! Maybe it was a fox...

After several days of fruitless searching, I finally found some good medicinal herbs so I'm getting ready to head back. I had wanted to do one final search, but this place is starting to creep me out. As soon as night falls I keep thinking I see shadowy figures following me everywhere... Also, the blood-curdling cries of some unknown species of monster are now coming from all directions — and they're getting closer...

During my descent down the mountain, I came across an old wine bottle. I gave it a rinse with some spring water, and found it's in good condition. I bet Dongdong would like it if I gave it to him as a souvenir. I'll just tell him that it was a treasure given to me by an adeptus.

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