The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (VII)

The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (VII)
The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (VII)NameThe Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies (VII)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyBook, The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies
DescriptionA fairytale story that has been told throughout Teyvat for ages. The final installment brings everything to a conclusion, and includes the Night Mother's prophecy.

Item Story

This pygmy spirited the Prince's body away from his wicked brethren, plunging into the damp bushes. Following animal tracks, he searched for the Fountain of Purity where the Pale Princess slept.

What the pygmy didn't know is that the vicious Night Mother had already found the Princess. She followed the pygmy stealthily, like a wild cat stalking its prey, her shadowy figure blotting out the moonlight and starlight.
When the pygmy arrived, the Princess was already gone. The sorrowful howl of a night owl was heard as the Night Mother arose from the now-corrupt fountain.
"Pitiful creature, are you here to see your master?" The vile smirk of the Night Mother exuded the breath of the abyss.
"If so, I'm afraid all you will find here is despair, you sad little thing."
"That foolish princess is now in chains. I destroyed the Moonlight Kingdom and cursed her people before her eyes. They will be in an undead state, lingering at the point between life and death forevermore. No soul and no moonlight." The words of the Night Mother landed like cold raindrops on a forgotten tomb.
"Look at you, you poor pygmy. I wonder what your master will think when she finds out what you have done."
Fear crawled through the pygmy's veins and grabbed his feeble heart.
The Night Mother left the pygmy to wallow in grief. But first — whether out of some hitherto unknown sense of pity, or simply to see him suffer more, we shall never know — the Night Mother left a glimpse of hope for the wretched pygmy.
"In thousands of years time, my greatest foe will descend. He wields a sword that heralds the dawn and wears armor that can reflect the shining sunlight. He shall destroy my kingdom and bring the Prince back to life. The Princess will then be free from her eternal torment. Until then, I fear not a single soul in the Land of Night, for nothing will bring an end to my kingdom except for the catastrophe foretold by the prophecy. As for you, the treacherous slave that poisoned his master... fate shall see that you get what you deserve."
The Night Mother then collapsed and became a pile of sludge consisting of mud and worms.
Devastated, the pygmy wandered around in sorrow and regret. He hid the body in a tree hole and walked off alone into the night, and into a self-imposed exile.

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