Ragged Notebook

Ragged Notebook
Ragged Notebook1
Non-Codex Series, Ragged Notebook
Ragged Notebook
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Ragged Notebook, Non-Codex Series
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Ragged Notebook

Ragged Notebook
Ragged NotebookNameRagged Notebook
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyNon-Codex Series, Ragged Notebook
DescriptionAnonymously authored notes. They describe a place seemingly not far from here.
The words on this sundial seem to follow on from the one by the Thousand Winds Temple. Taken together, the four lines then deliver the complete message.

This place and the Thousand Winds Temple must have something to do with a god of Time.

How ironic that the ravages of "Time" have devoured all trace of the god who supposedly presided over it...

Also — the literature says that some ancient thinkers believed the Anemo Archon to have some sort of connection with this god...

If that's true, there must be some evidence of that here somewhere... Generally, that would be in the form of elemental evidence...

Also, it definitely feels particularly strange around here at a certain time of the day. Starts around 2 AM, and is over by 5 AM at the latest...

There is this sundial here, after all, and in the early hours of the day the blade's shadow falls directly downwards. It's quite striking, which is why it stands out in my memory.

But I'm no Vision holder. So while I can tell that something's up and theorize about what the cause might be, there's no way for me to investigate it properly.

Honestly, these days... trying to be an academic when you don't have a Vision, it's really restricting...

Ragged Notebook

Ragged Notebook
Ragged NotebookNameRagged Notebook
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyRagged Notebook, Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA ragged notebook you found in the village. It records the happenings of long ago, now buried by the passage of time.
The doctor said you were gravely ill. Don't worry. I will give everything I have to save you.

My heart bleeds whenever I see you getting wearier, your illness beyond treatment. How I wish I could suffer the pain for you...

You said you had no regrets in this life and that you only wish for me to take good care of Shenhe. But if you regret nothing, why the tears?

I don't know what I've been doing lately. Though I still breathe, I feel like an empty shell. I have read all the ancient texts I could get my hands on, looking for ways to save you — but it is utterly futile.

I finally found it! It was Mingjun! He had kept the book that could save you hidden! I took it and followed its instructions to summon a god and offer a sacrifice...

The god appeared. I told him that I was willing to exchange my life for yours. He kept silent and only pointed at our daughter, Shenhe.

The god said her fate was to bear the curse of calamity and that she was prone to bring harm to those close to her. The god also said that she might even have been the cause of your death. In that case, I thought I should...

I left her in the cave that the god mentioned. Three days have passed, and still, no news. I grow restless from waiting, seized by an ominous feeling...

I am sorry, my love. Forgive me! You too, Shenhe — please, forgive me! How stupid I was! How blind! Let me apologize to both of you... in person.

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