“Returning Curios” Memento (I)

"Returning Curios" Memento (I)1
Non-Codex Series, "Returning Curios" Memento (I)
"Returning Curios" Memento (II)1
"Returning Curios" Memento (I), Non-Codex Series
"Returning Curios" Memento (III)1
"Returning Curios" Memento (I), Non-Codex Series
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"Returning Curios" Memento (I)
"Returning Curios" Memento (II)
"Returning Curios" Memento (III)

"Returning Curios" Memento (I)

Name"Returning Curios" Memento (I)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
FamilyNon-Codex Series, "Returning Curios" Memento (I)
DescriptionA memento discovered at a treasure site in the Veluriyam Mirage event, "Returning Curios." The treasure chest that contains it corresponds to the first code — "A sweet mist permeates all, gazing toward the dancing lamplight, I almost forget to breathe. In the end, memories of childhood guide me, and I take my seat beside the table in peace..."
To the traveler who discovers this treasure, if you are reading this text now, you must have become one of Miss Idyia's most esteemed guests.
The bag you find within the treasure chest is an old ration bag of mine. It accompanied me over mountains and hills and across vast, empty deserts, sustaining me for several decades.
Please allow me to use it to pay you a warrior's tribute, as well as to give you my best wishes.

I was once an ordinary mercenary who chose to live and fight in solitude. My reason for becoming a sellsword was simple: I wished to exact revenge on the bandits that terrorized the land.
When I was still very young, my family's caravan fell to a bandit attack. My parents, who rode at the head of the caravan, never returned.
I started treading this path to eradicate violence and greed. Swearing to eliminate the bandits to the last man, I set out to eliminate all the suffering they could cause. My methods were so extreme that even other mercenary groups could not understand my doings.

All things were as they should be. Eventually, one day, there would be no bandits, or there would be no me.
But in a twist of fate, one day, I happened to track a group of bandits to their stronghold — an easy task, considering my experience.
But this time, I recognized someone among this group of bandits. Many years ago, I had once saved a youth who had lost his parents to the bandits. Though I believed that he'd come to despise the bandits even more than me, I somehow found him in cahoots with them.
His hair unkempt and his face filled with relief at being recognized, he knelt before me and begged for mercy, recounting all the horrors he'd seen.
And even as I stood there, shocked and flabbergasted, he had stabbed me with a weapon, before melting away into the quiet night.
Had Miss Idyia not rescued me, I'd have perhaps become yet another dry skeleton in these sands.

Was there any meaning to the life I had led? Why would a victim of banditry go on to embrace their way of life?
Deep within the Mirage, a youth shared their story against the flickering fire, their eyebrows knitted in a frown and their eyes full of tears. The lack of dignity, the agony of exile, and the loneliness in living all on one's own... Had I not harbored a burning hatred or inherited a small amount of family wealth, I would have likely become just like them.
"If the lid won't work, why don't we try our luck with the bottom?" Miss Idyia's words as she struggled in vain to open a can finally allowed me to piece my thoughts together.
There are some evils in the world that can only be treated by removing their root causes. I know better than anyone the experiences that would drive someone to become a bandit. If I wished to stop them from going astray... I could begin by doing what I can to improve their circumstances.
I reckon it'll be a different kind of struggle from beating someone in a fight. It's far less direct, far more difficult, and requires far more thinking, but I believe it'd also benefit those in need far more.
Anyway, all that is to say I probably won't need this warrior's ration bag anymore.
I will leave it here as a testament to my determination as I set off on my new journey.

"Returning Curios" Memento (II)

Name"Returning Curios" Memento (II)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
Family"Returning Curios" Memento (I), Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA memento discovered at a treasure site in the Veluriyam Mirage event, "Returning Curios." The treasure chest that contains it corresponds to the second code — "A shooting star of vines carries me, traversing a forest so quiet and peaceful, to finally arrive in secluded dreamland so pure."
O Traveler whom I've never met, if you're reading this letter now, you must be enjoying the wondrous sights of this place, just as I did in the past. May you encounter the sights of your dreams, and learn much from the experience.
I am a Rtawahist student who fell asleep while observing the skies. After finding myself here upon waking up, I decided to stay awhile.
The caretaker, Miss Idyia, appears to be struggling with the need to "repair" some old mechanisms on the grounds. She did not respond to my questions, but simply offered me a quiet place to stay, where I might get plenty of rest...
Nevertheless, from the way others talk about her, I could tell that she is usually a generous host. It was understandable that she would not have the time to take care of me while being pulled in several different directions.
I was unable to get an answer from her even as I packed up and left. She did, however, give me many gifts, and invite me to try out this attraction.
Which is to say, I'm also quite new to this place, and don't have a lot of insights to share. I can only wish you a fun and relaxing experience.
You may get a slightly different experience if you were to observe the stars from here. Though the positions of the stars have not changed, their impressions on the sky appear far stronger, and it's much easier to make note of their characteristics.
Maybe the special location and my good mood both had something to do with it? After all, our field of vision is far wider here, and the air here is also less dry and more pure than regular air in the desert.
Most importantly, this place is insulated from monsters and people of ill intent. If you ever have some free time, I'd strongly recommend that you spend some time here to observe the stars!
The traditions say that I should leave something here as a testament to my stay. But I don't know what I can leave to you as a gift... I only brought some books, pen and paper with me when I came here, and I'll need all of them to write my thesis...
Among the gifts that Miss Idyia gave me was a sum of Mora, which she recommended I use to purchase furniture, believing it would add warmth, beauty, and comfort to my abode...
However, my place has already been filled to the brim with books and star charts. There's no more space for more furnishings, and either way, were I to cross the desert again to return to the Akademiya, I doubt I could make the journey if I brought any more with me...
These gifts will be better left to the travelers that will come after me, and thus, I waited for an auspicious day with wondrous omens before hiding them.
Now, these gifts are all yours! I hope they will bring you serenity and joy, and pass on to you the protection and fortune of the starry skies!

"Returning Curios" Memento (III)

Name"Returning Curios" Memento (III)
Type (Ingame)Quest Item
Family"Returning Curios" Memento (I), Non-Codex Series
DescriptionA memento discovered at a treasure site in the Veluriyam Mirage event, "Returning Curios." The treasure chest that contains it corresponds to the third code — "A blue, spotless ceiling, a floor of white candy, soft companions surround me, I too have wings!"
Hey there, youngster... or grownup, or oldie, or whoever you are! I see you've found my treasure and read my diary!
I'm an inventor and adventurer! Even Miss Idyia thinks I'm a genius, you know.
This fantastic water park is the furthest place I've reached so far. I've had a great time here. How about you?
It's okay if you haven't been having fun! I'm sure you'll be just like me, and find even more cool and distant parks to explore in the future!
According to Mama and Papa's story, there's a paradise for finches and crystalflies on top of a cloud. I made this kite to find that paradise and play with them!
But when I used the kite to fly, I couldn't find that paradise. Maybe it's because I wasn't flying high enough.
But that's fine! I landed in the desert, made friends with a super cool, super huge red bird, and even rode for a long way on the back of a huge creature with many legs. I think they call them... scorepeons, or something?
Oh and also, I met Miss Idyia, who managed to convince the big red bird and the big scorepeons to turn around and go back to sleep!
And after that, she took me to this water park, where the flying balls of water were even more magical than the crystalflies!
They gave me tasty apples, assisted me in my search for construction materials, helped me build a new kite, and even took me onto new adventures in mysterious places, so that I can see the scenery from super-duper high up!
Miss Idyia said that if I were to become a super famous adventurer someday, then this place must be my first stop, the start of my journey!
Soooo I drew the first super kite that I invented in my diary! ... Well, the blueprint of the thing, anyway.
Who knows, maybe you'll also be able to visit many unexpected new places and meet many new friends after making and using it!
Oh and also, before you use it, please make sure to tie a lot of balloons to your body. This is important if you don't want to get hurt when you crash onto the ground!
Anyway, alllll the best of luck! May you fly even higher than I did with this kite!
(You find many sketches at the end of the diary. This must be the kite that the diary-writer is referring to. While the handwriting is messy, the sketch is quite neat. The featured design is well-shaped, has an effective weight-bearing skeletal structure, and many safety features. It is apparent that only a highly educated child could have produced such a high-level design. Maybe the diary-writer is the child of scholarly parents, and has been interested in engineering since early childhood.)
(Unfortunately, as it has been designed by a child, the kite can also only be used by a child. It is too small, and unlike a glider, cannot support the weight of an adult for an extended amount of time. Maybe it could become the perfect toy for Paimon... if you were to dedicate a lot of time into actually building it, using the blueprint as a reference, that is. The process will probably be quite painstaking for the inexperienced...)

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